23| Rebooting till my dick gets so hard that i could smash bricks with it

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by K-Dot, Jun 28, 2016.

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    I think that’s something we all worry about with girls man. The big what if I get her pregnant. You seem like a good guy I’ve read a lot of your journal. I’d say say cross that bridge when/if it comes and just be responsible. My boss got a girl pregnant when he was in high school I think he’s 35 now and he somehow made it work and has raised a great son. Good luck!
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  2. K-Dot

    K-Dot We gon' be alright!

    Day 247

    Yesterday I've passed 8 months without PMO. I am only one month away from Gabe's recovered state point.
    Last few morning my MW is so solid. I had a dream last night about fucking a girl that was my crush during teenage days. This is the first sex dream duriing this reboot, where I neither had ED or PE. It's only a dream, but I hope that the next time that I'll have sex (it should be i 2 days), the reality will match that dream
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  3. K-Dot

    K-Dot We gon' be alright!

    Day 248

    First wet dream after more than 2 months, but it was about porn this time. However I've got solid morning wood and I feel sexual tension towards having sex with my girl tommorow. Bought some durex love condoms and some indian smelling sticks for atmosphere. I am only frustrated because of the fact that I live with my parents and I have to call my girl over only during the day. I find night much more romantic
  4. K-Dot

    K-Dot We gon' be alright!

    Day 249

    My girlfriend came to my place this morning. We cooked together and then went for sex. First two times i got few nice biners without direct stimulation, but i came in like 10-15 seconds when penetrating. The third time I was able to get hard and last really long, I lost erection few times, but I was able to get it back and keep on making love to my girl. I got 3 orgasms and I'll track will I enter the flatline in couple of next days.
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  5. K-Dot

    K-Dot We gon' be alright!

    Day 254 - there is hope!

    I think this reboot & rewiring thing is real. I used to feel like a zombie few months ago and all the women seemed so artificial. Now I get horny as hell when I am with my girl. I was unable to have vaginal sex at all, now I can (still have PIED, but it's 10 times better than before). The more I have sex, the better my erections are getting. Don't lose hope guys, I was suicidal about will I ever be able to have sex again, even when I was 6 months porn free. Just be patient and results are coming
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  6. K-Dot

    K-Dot We gon' be alright!

    Day 285

    Relapsed god damn, fuck my life I'm gonna put my dick on the railway so train can smash it!

    Just kidding you fools, I didn't relapse, I'm smashin' it! Went through the 7 day flatline. It ended few days ago and I got hard like a diamond for sex and lasted pretty long for the first round, my girl made really emotional/sexual sounds and it turned me on like a muthafucka, she said it never felt so good like that. I still have a lot of space to improve, but I can say that my sexual life is the best it has ever been
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  7. Mickeymouse

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    How is your flaccid now?
    How bad was it at any point of time during the journey?
  8. K-Dot

    K-Dot We gon' be alright!

    Not shriveled at all. Sometimes during my deepest flatlines it was so tiny and shrinked, and it was kinda cold. Now it's normal. Flatline was my default state most of the time during my reboot. Now I can get aroused most of the time. I think rewiring also played a huge role here, beside reboot.
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    Mickeymouse Well-Known Member

    By shrivelled ,what size can you put it at?
  10. LetsReclaimLife

    LetsReclaimLife New Member

    seriously 309 days without PMO as your counter says .. i am jealous of you ...

    Success ...
  11. Guts

    Guts Active Member Staff Member

    Can you give us an update K-dot? Your thread has helped me a lot. Hope you're doing good.
  12. K-Dot

    K-Dot We gon' be alright!

    I am able to have great sex right now and I am getting 100% hard more often (usually during round 1 or 2), but I still have PE problem sometimes.
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  13. K-Dot

    K-Dot We gon' be alright!

    1 year of no porn
    Sex is great. However, sometimes i do the marathons with my girl and we had sex 9-10 times in 3 days last week and I have tendency to feel exhausted after that. But I can heal after few days. Where I was only 6 months ago (PIED, PE, Flatlines) and where I am now is incredible.
  14. BackOnTrack

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    I get PE through nofap, because im getting to sensitive.
    How do you deal with that?
  15. K-Dot

    K-Dot We gon' be alright!

    I also experience it sometimes, but less than before. When you start to have sex more frequently it decreases. Also try to slow down things, don't just rush it. When I first started to have sex after rebooting, I would cum as soon as entering it. But now If I had sex few days ago for example, I can last as long as she needs me to have an orgasm
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    When I first signed up to the forum, the title of your journal made me think "yeah, that's exactly what I want".

    Especially this, give me so much hope! Thank you for being strong,
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  17. K-Dot

    K-Dot We gon' be alright!

    I need to get something off my chest...

    Relationship that I have with my girl is wonderful. She is the best person I've ever met. There hasn't been a single argument since we got together (11 months). The only thing that started bothering me few months ago as I started to care more is that she gave her body to a few guys before me (I don't know the number I don't ask her about her sexual past) but I can guess that there are at least 3. She's also 23 and she's only the second girl I've slept with. I know the past doesn't matter on logical level, but I get these negative emotions and I have unwanted scenarios of her with other dudes in my head. Sometimes I can notice that these thoughts are not bothering me and that I don't give a fuck about them, I know I'm the best she's ever had, but most of the time I feel really sad about them. I really love her and don't want to leave her, because she's perfect. But at the same time I feel this resentment

    That's it
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