23 - Let's do this! (Or 'Not' do this, I guess)

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by indigorush, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. indigorush

    indigorush New Member

    Hey everyone.
    I discovered this site a couple of weeks ago and am now clued up on terms like PMO, PIED and No Fap.

    I'm currently at Day 11 of No PMO and thought I'd give some thoughts.

    First of all, I'm so glad to have read about so many people suffering with symptoms I thought nobody else in the damn world had.
    I took a drug called Accutane (for acne) back in 2005 and had problems with it.
    Sexual dysfunction is linked to the drug, but the fact is I've been watching porn for years and don't tend to have too many problems with masturbating/orgasm-ing to porn..
    I was in a 3 year relationship with a girl up until 12 weeks ago (Break-ups are horrible) and would often need to go for 30 minutes, and even then I needed to finish myself off with my hand.

    Now, it's a whole new ball game.
    I'm back in the field and actually had a chance with a hot girl I was dating.
    Things had gone well and she came to mine on the third date.
    We'd been kissing all night and I was mildly concerned sex would be on the table.
    Should be excited right?
    But instead I think 'My dick will probably not work'.
    And it didn't work. I barely got an erection at all. It was a shambles.

    Main problems: Inability to keep a strong erection, much lessened sensation and therefore it can take a while to 'finish' and just an overall exhausted state of mind and body. And yet, I'd normally wank several times a week at least. A lot of the time, I did this because I thought it'd be abnormal not to. I thought all guys do it (unless they're getting laid), so I had a wank because I was bored, or else felt like I 'should'.

    Hopefully some of you know what I'm talking about.
    But yeah, I dismissed the fact that I could usually enjoy porn/masturbation and be done within 5-10 minutes and put it down to depression, tiredness, not feeling relaxed or Accutane fucking up my dick.

    Another problem, that scared the hell out of me, first seemed to occur a few years ago (years after stopping Accutane).
    My dick just became numb, and smaller.
    Not all the time.
    But still, sometimes it looks like I've got out of a freezing cold lake.
    My balls are often tight and it feels like I have some kind of pins and needles going on.
    It was reassuring to read that a bunch of other guys on this site have had these issues too.

    I plan to reach 90 days (at least) to see if I notice the proposed benefits (reduction of depression, tiredness, social anxiety and the like). I've been through hell and know that I have the strength to avoid relapse. But yeah, it'd got to the point where I was watching hardcore threesome porn and then I'd be in a 'normal' situation with a real girl and it was like 'This isn't doing anything for me'.
    I have faith that with no PMO I can become a better guy.

    I've never really felt ashamed of watching porn or anything. It's not like I was watching REALLY weird stuff or wanking for hours every night. But I do think it warps your mind and makes you expect sex to be like in the videos, when most girls would not even consider letting to jizz on their face... (lol)

    For me, it's more than giving up porn.
    I've been using stuff like porn as a barrier for reality.
    Every time I'm a bit depressed about my break-up - have a wank
    Every time I think about my lack of social life - have a wank
    Every time ... You get it.

    But it's time to sort shit out.
    I've had a lot of stress over the years and need to treat this thing holistically.
    I plan to get to sleep before 10PM every night and rest more.
    Having a hot bath and just allowing myself to enjoy TV instead of thinking (my life is boring/shit/my ex is fucking her new boyfriend and I have nobody) and worrying.

    So yeah..
    I will update this every now and then I guess.
    All the best,

  2. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    I took accutane at 21 to 22. I used to get hard with girls just kissing around 17-18.

    Just as I turned 19 I had ED with a girl and lost my morning wood and libido. I started hardcore porn daily around 18.

    Its extremely rare for accutane to cause sexual issues. I had mine well before accutane. All the stories of accutane and ED surface on the Internet around 2007. Just about the same time as tube porn and more easy access such as smart phones etc obviously doesnt prove anything buy does raise some questions.
  3. indigorush

    indigorush New Member

    Hey dude...
    Notice you've posted A LOT on here.
    I agree that the people talking about Accutane and ED most likely watch too much porn.
    I would say that Accutane (and other harsh medications) can be hard on the body though, and therefore lead to an overall exhaustion while your body tries to recover.
    Did you get any side effects from the drug?
    I actually was on TV talking about it last year, haha.

    You've clearly been doing this for a while...
    Has it helped you?
  4. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Dry skin and maybe 2-3 nose bleeds. I was on 20mg a day.

    Started November 2012.

    Had no erections with or without porn anymore. Got them back full strength on my own but still no libido so when with girls it doesn't work that well. You probably wont take as long as me I was a virgin before rebooting and I have my experience with girls consists of half a dozen one night stands and some hookers.

    Guys with experience usually heal a bit quicker as they have that normality to return to.
  5. indigorush

    indigorush New Member

    Do you think porn/masturbation is the only thing causing your problems then?
    I think it had got to the point where I couldn't be 'shocked' by porn.
    It all became normal.
    I don't have massive experience with lots of girls or anything, but I'm hoping I can get through this fairly quick.
    I'm not the kind to have a one night stand (though if libido was there, I guess I would)...
    I'd probably want to know a girl a bit before having sex with her, so it's not plain awkward.
  6. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    I think porn was medicating for me. Made me put aside my issues of not getting girls, low self esteem etc needed more extreme stuff as time went on till even the most shocking stuff did nothing.

    3 year relationship is significant experience I would say. Maybe enough for a quick reboot.

    Good luck.
  7. shattered

    shattered Member

    Anybody know what happened to @gameover ?
  8. Johncane

    Johncane New Member

    I'm 23.male. hooked to porn since 2014 that is from 14 years of age. It has been around 7years a addict. Things have drastically degraded. My confidence, self esteem, social anxiety, sleeplessness and much more. But this time is for career growth and academics. My academics have been degraded badly . My concentration has affected badly. Focus memory power almost zero. I have tried reboot. My best was 129 days. But I relapsed and then sort of edged for 5 months. And still I'm a bit using. But now decided to quit . What I realised that I had everything decided but the only thing lacking was an accountability partner and a forum . So here I'm . Looking for them. Help. Thankyou
  9. Johncane

    Johncane New Member

    Hii man.
    I saw some of your comments. You are really helpful. I was wondering if you could help me. I really need help. I have tried quitting but failed a number of times since 2 years. My relapses are more frequent . I have learned that sharing helps. And i want to help other and be helps by other. If possible may we contact.[​IMG]

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