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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by Mickeymouse, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Relapsed again as work was less today. Saw another video of a young girl in the ages 5-7 selling balloons on the streets in scorching sun. She apparently gets thirsty uses her hand to drink water while some one sitting in a car pours water in her hands as she drinks the same. Life is giving me such great comforts will have to continuosly keep telling myself that these comforts come at a price which I never paid. Inshallah this time going strong. Allah is with me. Will pray 2 rakats and seek forgiveness.
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    Alhamdullilah it's a fresh start for me. Took a couple of lessons today. Never put your religion on back seat just to make yourself feel cool. I always had this fear that if I don't be interactive with my office team than it will be difficult for me to grow. But somewhere down the line I am wrong. Somewhere I am justifying interacting with women even unnecessarily to be also justified. That is where it's going wrong. So I will keep my guard high and not do unnecessary intercatiin with women. Indeed Allah is the one who promises money and rizq. Also the pattern is this I am not actively engaging in religious content on YouTube. Could be the reason the low level of imaan and steadfastness. Inshallah Allah shall help me.

  3. Mickeymouse

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    Relapsed. Boredom was the fall. Let's do this again and get back to the best version of myself. Inshallah.
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    Inshallah will not succumb to the temptation again. Starting with a lot of positivity. May Allah ease it for me.
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    I have switched to purify your gaze community although it's a paid membership. I found atleast I was trying to recover under the guidance of religion and spirituality. Having said that I am very thankful for ybr for all the help and also as this was free of cost.

    I would still sometimes come here to check if there is anything which is beneficial for me.

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    And so his journey ends here and starts in another. May you enjoy life to the fullest my guy.

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