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  1. get it done

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    Hey everyone

    Just found this forum and its good to know there's more of you out there. This is my story and journal. Sorry for the lengthy post...

    I am a Junior college student. I've been looking at Porn and masturbating since about 13/14/15 (somewhere around then). Never had problems in high school with ED or anything like that, but would still PMO. I had a gf from senior year HS until sophomore year and wanted to try out the single life in college like every man should (would still PMO while I was with her but sex wasn't a problem). No issues at first but I guess PMO escalated (a few times a day) when I went home for the summer since there weren't really any girls around. I had a reality check at the end of this past Fall semester. Typical story, went back from a party with a really hot girl and was fine until it was time to wrap it up, then I went limp. I was able to blame it on alcohol but I know that wasn't the real issue since ive banged out really drunk before. That's about the time i found YBOP and it honestly makes a lot more sense now. I've seen stories where people say they can get oral for awhile and not feel it, go limp with condoms, etc. Anyway, I've been trying to quit PMO for the past few months and have failed numerous times. I'm still with the really hot girl I went home with, and the sex has been alright (I've been taking L-arginine, yohimbe, horny goat weed, and Maca supplements) but I have failed a few times. I'm committed to cutting out P completely, and am very relieved that I have supporters on here and people to talk to on here. Can't wait to be healed, but gotta get it done first. Thanks for reading...on with the journal.

    I'm taking the approach where I will be having sex but try to cut out PM until I go home from school in a month or 2, then cut out PMO all together. Whenever I have the urge to look at P i'm gonna hop on here and read.
    Was 15 days without PM and 8 days without O but relapsed 3 times yesterday (chaser from having sex i guess). Thanks for reading. Anyway...

    DAY 1 no PMO
  2. RecoverED

    RecoverED Guest

    Welcome! Sounds like you're making good progress and taking positive steps to improve your health and state of well being. I'm currently taking Maca and Ginko as well as a tea spoon of fish oil every day and I feel some positive effects from it.

    Best of luck
  3. Journey to Freedom

    Journey to Freedom Vincere est Vivere

    I'm in the same boat as you - I'm in college now, and started PMO right around the same time you did.

    Noticed you take a lot of supplements. How many have you been taking and for how long?
  4. get it done

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    Honestly just started taking most of them except for the l-Arginine but i am stopping the others because I haven't really noticed much from them.
  5. get it done

    get it done New Member

    Just an update

    Day 2 - Had sex at night, but I was wasted so it was only OK. Woke up with morning wood had sex again and it was great

    Day 3 - No PMO no urge, feeling pretty good about everything

    Day 4 - No PMO, felt a little bit of an urge but was able to overcome it by coming on here and reading

    Day 5 - No P, did MO in the shower, perhaps a chaser? Didn't feel too bad about it though since it was without P and minimal fantasy with potential real life partner

    Day 6 - RELAPSE. Just PMO'd, feelin pretty shitty now not gonna lie. I take it as a learning experience, and now I know when my mind is playing with me (things like "i'll just peak" or "one look won't hurt"). Shit is dangerous, it escalates pretty quickly. Although I don't feel completely terrible since it was just to pictures, still gotta cut that out completely though. Oh well, time to move on. Gotta stay strong...
  6. get it done

    get it done New Member

    DAY 7 - I guess the chaser effect was spot on, PMO'd again. Pissed off but determined even more now. I'm done with these mind games

    DAY 8 - No PMO. Feels good to get back on track, but its usually around one week I start to lose it. on to day 9...
  7. Losing Neverland

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    It's great that you've got a girlfriend. I hope your journey to find balance is sucessful.
  8. tymbles

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    The chaser effect is silent but deadly. Good to see you getting right back on the horse. We're rooting for you!

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