21 year old medic, sort-of-virgin, frenoplasty, prone masturbation to 19 yrs

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by navi, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. liveinthenow

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    Surely you mean "inside the box"? ;)

    Sounds like you are making good progress. Your journal is an encouraging read!
  2. navi

    navi New Member

    Haha, good point ... and thanks, it's encouraging to write, too.

    Day 67:

    Woke up with morning wood, around 50%.

    I'm feeling a lot more of an urge to orgasm now. Last night I did some gentle 'testing' masturbating again (which I'm planning on cutting out for good now) and tried to see how erect I could get. I was doing pretty well, so I decided to put on a condom and see how things felt. I went from around 80-90% down to 60% with it on, and I think therein lies part of my problem - I'm not used to condoms.

    Leaving it on, I masturbated again, trying again to simulate actual sex rather than a death grip. Eventually I got back up to about 90%, and a short run of 100%. I stopped myself there though as I could feel I was getting into pre-orgasm. At its hardest I sat up and felt around it, and it was literally like feeling a bone. I am very pleased with this given that the condom still felt very tight and uncomfortable.

    Anyway, I'm going to leave things well alone now for a while. My erections are definitely getting better, and I can feel that they're getting to the stage where I could penetrate with them easily. One thing I may investigate is whether the angle/flexibility of my penis is normal. Standing up, it points upwards at a tall slant, but lying on my back, often it'll just lie against my stomach, even when fully hard. It flexes upwards if I try moving it, but not further than pointing straight up.

    It also looks like it's healed pretty well from my surgery. My new frenulum lets my foreskin slide down the shaft more now, whereas before it just kind of sat under the glans ridge.

    New objectives are:

    • Get into a good sleeping pattern.
    • Stop 'testing' for erections - no M full stop.
    • Exercise more.
    • Stay off the computer, no more than an hour a day.

    Ideally in a month's time, when I see my girlfriend next, we'll have proper sex. I'll have the thinner condoms (which also seem a bit more flexible), a far better idea of what to expect when in bed with a girl than when I started, and, if I need it, I may get some cialis as well. And hopefully, I'll also have almost a third of a year of no orgasms.

    My girlfriend won't know what hit her!

  3. Hahahaha. That's the spirit, man!
    About the position of your penis, I think it's normal. (I hope so, because mine is the same)
    You mentioned thinner condoms...try Crown, or Skinless Skin Condom. Those condoms are REALLY thin.
    Glad to see you're getting better, your journal has been an inspiration
  4. navi

    navi New Member

    Thanks for the advice, I will look those up :) And very pleased to hear it has been good to read, it's great for me to look back and see how things are changing.

    Day 68:

    50-60% morning wood, took quite a long time before it went, maybe 10 minutes.

    Mood is great. I've been going for daily runs and sets of press ups/sit ups, and I doubled my set today. Exercise apparently increases your dopamine receptor count, so I think this is quite important for recovery. Also keeping up with the kegels.

    I've been starting to get little 'rushes' for things that I couldn't care less about before, even things like finishing an email. Also starting to feel a little hornier, touch wood (poor choice of phrase!).

    Also making sure to keep in touch with my girlfriend. Really looking forward to seeing her next. Last time I was in bed with her I felt as though I was hard enough to penetrate, but my penis was still hurting too much from my operation. Next time, ideally that won't be an issue any more, so things ought to be great.
  5. navi

    navi New Member

    Day 69:

    I had what I think has been my first sexual dream since starting the reboot last night. Although - and this will sound pretty odd - in the dream, I was half explaining to this girl about my ED, so we ended up giving each other oral. Woke up at around half-mast wood again, but no ejaculate, so it can't have been a wet dream.

    Not really much to add for today - quite a strong urge to masturbate to pics of my girlfriend, stronger than a few weeks ago.

    Read some interesting stuff on a website called 'pegym' or something similar. Although it was a penis enlargement website, there was a section on erectile dysfunction which strongly recommended kegels. I may try doing more of these. As it said on their site, the first few will feel extremely difficult, almost as though you're discovering an entirely new muscle (the PC muscle: i.e. the one you use to move your penis around when erect), and that's exactly what it was like for me. I suspect that masturbating prone for so long never really gave me a chance to work this muscle.

    I've been getting a couple of spontaneous erections from stuff accidentally brushing past my penis, which is great. Though I forgot how awkward it is trying to cover these up. Certainly never thought I'd be missing them.

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