21 days, i can have sex for more than 30 minutes .

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by cesttlavie, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. cesttlavie

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    Hello everyone . im 22 years old and i mastubrate for ten year go , watch porn for 3-4 years . I go to the the hospital and my result is good . So i guess my problem is PIED . i start hard mode . And rewire with my girl friend , it seem to be that our relationship will be broken up but it not . We meet everyday , hugging , kissing , hold hand . expect sex. in the day 10 i try to have sex but i cant i had serious PE , just a few second . In day 15 i try again , but just take my penis into her pussy and take it out ( without ejaculating ) . and in day 21 . im try to have sex again , im ejaculating in 3 minutes , but my penis get erection again and i try again , oh my god . we rock hard in more than 30 minutes , i'm happy than ever . change every position . it really good . now im just get erection by sexual touching with my girl friend , i know i'm not cured complety but it getting better . I think that first sexual toching will bring ur erection back , and ur brain need time to recovery erection by thinking .

    Sorry for my bad english , guys .
  2. Unstable

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    Well done and congratulations,

    Porn without a doubt is the BIGGEST cause of PE. It is actually easy for guys to cure PE. Stop watching porn, limit mastrubation, if you do mastrubate do it slowly without tensing PC muscle and have regular sex with women.
  3. Lawk

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    Great, mate.
    I hope Ill recover as fast as you did
    I'm rewiring with my girlfriend too, but I still didn't see any results in 19 days

    You give me hope.
  4. cesttlavie

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    Now i cant get erection anymore , after 1 round , nomatter howhard she try to get it up but i cant . I think i have stay hard mode . :( no PMO and keep rewire until am cured .
  5. Lisius

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    Great, congratulations!
  6. Daniel25

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    Как ты сейчас.?

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