20 Year Old Guy Trying To Recover From PIED

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    DISCLAIMER: This is a continuation of my previous journal. If you're interested in reading it here's the link:

    I’m a 20 year old virgin guy who has developed severe PIED. I have watched porn and masturbated since the age of 10. Over the years my porn use gradually increased until I was watching porn 4 times (or more) everyday. Overtime, I started noticing a noticeable decrease in sensitivity and quality of erections. Masturbation started to feel more like a chore than anything. Additionally, I realised that I haven’t had morning wood or spontaneous erections in years. Initually, I paid no mind to the fact as everybody told me that masturbation is completely healthy. However, I started suspecting that my problems might be connected to my excessive masturbation so I started searching the web for info. Eventually, I stumbled upon NoFap and Your Brain On Porn and realised that my issues were caused by porn.

    I started trying to reboot since mid-December of 2018 but I have had numerous relapses and only now I have managed to achieve a streak that lasted a month and I have already noticed an increase in my libido and quality of erections. Let's see how it goes.
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    Day 30

    So I've finally reached a month of abstaining from porn. Last week was pretty great as I was getting a lot of erections without even touching myself but I'm starting to flatline a bit.
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    Day 0

    Well, I messed up and managed to relapse again yesterday. I didn’t go to porn sites but I masturbated to pics and now my penis feels tired and flaccid. At least I know what I should and should not do now.
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    And what you are doing it for! 30 days is awesome. Keep going!
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    Yeah, that was pretty stupid of me, not gonna lie. Still, at least I managed to achieve a new record and I’m going to pick up right where I left off. Hopefully, I’ll make it to 2020 this time ;).
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    Day 1

    I was flatlining yesterday but today I woke up with a semi (it went away pretty quickly though).

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