20 Year Old Guy Trying To Recover From PIED

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    DISCLAIMER: This is a continuation of my previous journal. If you're interested in reading it here's the link:

    I’m a 20 year old virgin guy who has developed severe PIED. I have watched porn and masturbated since the age of 10. Over the years my porn use gradually increased until I was watching porn 4 times (or more) everyday. Overtime, I started noticing a noticeable decrease in sensitivity and quality of erections. Masturbation started to feel more like a chore than anything. Additionally, I realised that I haven’t had morning wood or spontaneous erections in years. Initually, I paid no mind to the fact as everybody told me that masturbation is completely healthy. However, I started suspecting that my problems might be connected to my excessive masturbation so I started searching the web for info. Eventually, I stumbled upon NoFap and Your Brain On Porn and realised that my issues were caused by porn.

    I started trying to reboot since mid-December of 2018 but I have had numerous relapses and only now I have managed to achieve a streak that lasted a month and I have already noticed an increase in my libido and quality of erections. Let's see how it goes.
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    Day 30

    So I've finally reached a month of abstaining from porn. Last week was pretty great as I was getting a lot of erections without even touching myself but I'm starting to flatline a bit.
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    Day 0

    Well, I messed up and managed to relapse again yesterday. I didn’t go to porn sites but I masturbated to pics and now my penis feels tired and flaccid. At least I know what I should and should not do now.
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    And what you are doing it for! 30 days is awesome. Keep going!
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    Yeah, that was pretty stupid of me, not gonna lie. Still, at least I managed to achieve a new record and I’m going to pick up right where I left off. Hopefully, I’ll make it to 2020 this time ;).
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    Day 1

    I was flatlining yesterday but today I woke up with a semi (it went away pretty quickly though).
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    Day 4

    I decided to reset my counter last Thursday because I felt that I was kind of half-assing things and now I’m on day 4 of my reboot.

    Yesterday was ok. I got a couple of semi-erections throughout the day but right now I’m feeling like I’m flatlining. I also had a pretty graphic dream about relapsing to porn. I am quite grateful that it was just a dream! :D Sexual fantasies are a bit of an issue but they will disappear.
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    Day 5

    Yesterday was meh. Dreamt about relapsing again. I wasn’t feeling any urges but my libido is low and I didn’t get any erections.
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    Day 6

    I have mixed feelings about yesterday. It was a total rollercoaster and I can’t help but feel that I messed up. I was kind of tempted not to post this but I feel like I would be gaslighting others and I always feel very guilty about lying.

    First, I got a semi-erection and even without touching I could feel that my penis is very sensitive. Unfortunately, I tend to be very self-conscious and obsess about things so I went on Reddit to see how to combat premature ejaculation and then I stumbled upon a blog about tantric sex. Well, as I was reading I got rock-hard (I mean hard as a baseball bat!), got incredibly aroused and started leaking a lot of pre-cum. After that I stumbled upon a pic of female genitalia and immediately noped the hell out. Then, I re-installed Tinder to check if I got any likes. Some hours later, just before going to sleep, I (for some reason that I don’t remember) decided to look up sex techniques. Unfortunately (What did I expect?), the article had some basic drawings of sex and I again got rock hard for ~10-20 minutes and I leaked a lot of pre-cum again and after that I went to sleep.

    Right now I feel like my libido is gone and my penis doesn’t really want to get hard. I feel like I have messed up big time and that I have relapsed.

    Did I relapse? Or was it just a slip? What do you guys think?
  10. Gil79

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    You don't need to put such a label onto it. You gave in to the temptation, but you also decided to stop it, i.e. you chose for long-term satisfaction over immediate gratification. This journey is a matter if learning new life skills. That takes time. I think this was a win for you. And hey, why not use tinder to your advantage and get yourself a date. We all have to say goodbye to the screen and interact with real women. You're doing great. Be kind to yourself.
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    Day 14

    Haven't visited this place in a while but the good news is that I am on a 14-day streak now and I'm not planning to stop any time soon. I feel like that even though I've relapsed the last 30-day streak was something of a breakthrough moment for me as before that it felt like it would be impossible for me to abstain for PMO for more than one week. But now I know that it is possible and that I can do it.

    My summer break has also ended in the beginning of September and I started having lessons at the university. Compared to the previous year things seem to be much more serious and the workload is much bigger but I feel much happier than I was during summer. Plus, it is much easier for me to not PMO now that I'm constantly busy with schoolwork.

    Unfortunately, as regards PIED it seems that I'm in a flatline and my erections and libido aren't good at all. Additionally, during the past week I kept feeling a dull pain in my urethra and occasionally experienced incontinence at home. I wonder if it has something to do with the flatline or if I have caught some sort of infection.
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    Day 16

    Seeing small signs of improvement as I’m staring to get semi-erections throughout the day.

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