2 great apps for your tablet/mobile

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by onix, May 25, 2016.

  1. onix

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    The 1st app is NFcompanion.

    This app keeps track of how long you have resisted pmo and tells you how often you relapsed. This app even has positive quotes to help you focus on your goals. The only thing (which ain't even a problem) is that you have to restart the clock as soon as you download it or it will keep restarting as soon as you open the app.

    The 2nd app is Calm.

    This app is a meditation app that has a guidance to help you (which you don't have to use). It starts of with 7 days of calm then 21 days of calm. Then again with anxiety and then focus afterwards and many more.
    This app also has many scenery to choose from to help you relax that little more.

    With this app it's best to use headphones and a quiet area. If you got a full house of people it might be best to let them leave first or find the time. At the moment I'm only doing 10 minute sessions but may increase soon I have only done 5 sessions so far.
  2. RedOrb

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    Thank you so much, i've been looking for an app for my phone for so looong.
  3. kira

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    Thanks, I checked calm it is really great. Also if someone is looking for an app which can block adult content on phone then check out trend micro or just use host files to block websites

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