19 year old with Pied

Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by Vampire Hunter D, Mar 12, 2023.

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    |````of course you can get to 60 days. It is common to have a bad patch. I'm afraid it is just what happens during withdrawal. It happens during wtthdrawal of alcohol or cocaine.The same brain circuits are involved in becoming tolerant and escalating to get the same buzz. You got down as others have. Keep going. We are with you. You are young and after rebooting you may want to M to O. My own view is that this is ok, so long as it doesn't lead to viewing P again, and as long as you don't use it for a permanent substitute to entering a relationship, whether you are straight or gay. Others on the site may disagree, but it would worth reading the book on sexual addiction by Birchard. It gives a very balanced account.

    I'm following you (at 20 days) so keep ahead of me.
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    Good sign, very good sign. I had my first ones a few weeks into my reboot. You cannot control them, just try and avoid any sexual stimuli or thoughts at night. Let the body do as it needs to recover. Your only job is no PMO.

    Many of us have been there, it's OK bro, don't worry about any day targets, just avoid PMO and let the body heal. If that means you need a month or two years, so be it, you have no choice but to let the body heal from the damage we've done to ourselves with internet porn.
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  3. Thanks gooby, DBA, I gonna start trying to change my life one step at a time.
  4. I had an erection this Thursday guess it sent me into a flatline, I hope it ends soon
  5. My morning wood is returning I want to exercise more to lose belly fat, this has always been a goal of mine Dont know where to start though. Also no fapper, DBA, gooby how are you doing
  6. I was very angry today I think its time to have a better diet its starting to effect my body more and more, Still have weak erections trying to clear my mind.
  7. relapsed I will be resetting my counter

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