19 Year Old Guy Trying To Recover From PIED

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    Day 29

    So yesterday was a mixed bag. I felt like a had a VERY high libido and random sexual thoughts would cause me to get a decent-to-great erection. However, this also means that it was very hard not to masturbate for me but I managed to push through unharmed. I also reinstalled Tinder on my phone because I was curious if I got any likes and I did but then I remembered that using Tinder is pretty dangerous in my circumstances so I quickly uninstalled it after that. I had several boners throughout the day but they got progressively weaker as it went on. Now it’s morning and my penis feel flaccid and my libido is no longer raging which makes me wonder if I’m entering another flatline or something. We’ll see.

    In other news, my birthday is tomorrow and tomorrow will mark a month of me abstaining from PMO. However, since I’m turning 20 tomorrow I will no longer be fit to post in the Teens section. So I will start a new journal in the “Ages 20-24” section tomorrow.
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    Happy birthday GSM! Will follow your updates in the 20-24 section.
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