180 days in- Still cannot have sex

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  1. Mrmench92

    Mrmench92 New Member

    Hi all,

    I’m new to this forum and would like to say its very informative and engaging compared to the others forums/subreddits I have been on.

    I started this journey 180 days ago and here’s how it went:


    1-35- No major change, was finally glad to kick the habit having found that I couldn’t get hard to a woman but to porn (typical PIED Symptoms)

    35-55- Major flatline, including symptoms of depression and I even cried on a couple of occasions for no reason.

    55-70- carried on hard mode

    70-90- Orgasmed with a partner (handjob/blowjob) on a couple of occasions

    90-100- Libido crazy, erections at will super hard and strong. Here is where I messed up and started to masturbate without porn 3 times a day, this sent me back to the flatline and prevented me from having sex. I also found that I had death grip as I couldn’t feel anything when entering my partner on multiple occasions, as I started to go soft and the sex was extremely boring. Bare in mind this was with a blue pill (viagra).

    100-150- Still flatline, no libido.

    150-162- Erections during the night and in the morning (at about 75% strength) and it gets harder when speaking to my partner sexually or about our feelings. When I am with her, my penis makes little movement but no erections. I tried to have sex again with viagra and cummed almost instantly and then as usual kept on going soft and could not feel anything when inside her.

    Day 162-180- Depression and procrastination has lifted. I feel alive again. I get morning wood but its quite weak most of the time. I again tried to have sex twice this weekend and could only enter her semi hard, and kept going soft during a blowjob.

    I workout 5 times a week (from this week) and take zinc; multivitamins, Ashwagana, L citruline and L arginine daily. I have recently started vitamin C and two cloves of raw garlic (I felt a super hard boner this morning but time will tell).

    I have masturbated during phone a few times during my reboot which hasn’t sent me back to a flatline.

    I know people will say it takes time, stop the blue pills and heal naturally. But what else do you think will help me recover and rewire? We hug and kiss and are in love, but its very frustrating I cannot get a natural erection.

    Ps my blood tests came back fine on three occasions so I have no medical issues.

    I would like to hear everyones thoughts :)

    Stay strong people we will beat this
  2. Bilbo Baggins

    Bilbo Baggins Active Member

    Congratulations on reaching 180 days. But I would avoid masturbation completely. Some will even tell you to stop having sex or any kind of sexual stimulation for a while. Depends on your priorities. I have a girlfriend too, and since I haven’t seen enough improvements after 6 months of rebooting, I decided to stop using Viagra and to avoid having sex. It sounds terrible at first: you are scared that your GF will go away, or that you relationship will suffer from this. But you can get used to this once you start doing it. I am not scared of this anymore. As I said, it depends on your priorities. If you can reach a state where you are ready to stop everything (including sex) for a while, then go for it, it will probably help you heal faster and more deeply. But if you are not comfortable with this, then, at least, stop P, M and any sort of artificial stimulation. Don’t have sex too often, and avoid having O’s, even through sex. I have done this for a few months, and it’s not so hard to do, you just don’t get close to orgasm when you have sex.

    Good luck on your journey.
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  3. Mrmench92

    Mrmench92 New Member


    Thank you. What improvements have you seen and how many days are you in?
  4. Bilbo Baggins

    Bilbo Baggins Active Member

    I am about 205 days away from P and M, but I have been going hard mode (sex allowed only occasionally but no O) for the last 90 days. I recently decided to try to go no arousal for at least a few months, because I haven’t noticed enough improvements so far. But I do get morning wood frequently, which I did not have for 15 years at least. I also recently started feeling glimpses of ‘natural’ arousal once in a while, in daily situations, which is completely new for me. I did the mistake of using Viagra during the first months of my reboot, and I won’t do it again, because I believe it’s holding me back. But after 3-4 months of rebooting, when I used Viagra, sex was a lot better than when I would use Viagra before my reboot. So there is progress, of course. Things have improved a little bit, but I want to do as best as I can to heal from ED, so I will go no arousal for some time.
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  5. Pedro Delgado

    Pedro Delgado New Member

    This is the typical situation that almost everyone experiences when trying to overcome PIED just by practicing NoFap. For how long have you been having trouble getting erections and how was the situation before all these problems started?
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  6. Mrmench92

    Mrmench92 New Member

    I have been having problems for years just admitted it recently. When I was 20 I could get erect easily now im 28 i struggle
  7. Pedro Delgado

    Pedro Delgado New Member

    I like that you admitted it, that's the first step! How was your erection quality and ability to keep them before all the problems started?
  8. Mrmench92

    Mrmench92 New Member

    When I was younger I used to be able to get erections at will. At one point after day 90 it went back to this and then I masturbated myself back into the flatline.

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