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Does anyone have a specific advice and negotiate with me to try stopping.

  1. I have an advice

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  2. I don't have an advice. Tbh i dont know what is this so i putted random things.

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  1. Tam

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    I'm dull af. I have started fapping to porn since i was 12 years old. Since then I've never felt the same, i was a happy child with big dreams for the future. Now after 5 years of masterbating to porn, i feel anxious, lonely though I'm not alone, constantly depressed, lack of energy to do the smallest daily tasks, furious, and lack of good communication skills. So, i started trying to reboot for over 2years and still failing, my highest score is 23days, but now only about 2-3days maximum, I've tried over one hundred ways and still failing. I tried exercising, reading, scheduled plans over the days, running working and still failing. Deleted all social media accounts, stopped using the phone and still failing. I really need help if anyone could help.

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