17 years old. Starting because of PIED

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    Today is the day I begin my life without porn. I have been using porn and masturbating about since I was in the 6th grade. I started out just looking at pictures of attractive women and then that gradually increased to naked women to hardcore sex to some fetishes that don’t really make sense with my sexuality that I started with. Now just naked women don’t really seem all that interesting anymore. This change in my life began when I couldn’t finish when a girl that I was dating was giving me a blowjob. I was distraught and very disappointed in myself, although I kind of blamed her for it. The next girl I was with I was very attracted to and also liked her a lot. One time we were making out things escalated and eventually both of us were naked and to my horror my penis was almost completely flaccid. This made no sense to me since every time that I had been with a girl before, my erection was not an issue. I was very confused and it killed my self esteem. The girl thought that I was gay and told people at my school which made it worse and gave me a really bad attitude towards sex. I began to question my sexuality considering I couldn’t get an erection with a perfectly fine naked woman and my porn choice was a little questionable. However, I had always liked looking at women since I was young so I knew this could not be. I began researching and found sites such as yourbrainonporn and nofap and it all made sense to me. I have been trying to quit porn off and on for the past couple months and have had little bursts of success but never anything long term. But I know this time will be different because I am done with my life being controlled by porn. I want to get back to being with women and being attracted to them. I am 17 and most of my friends have already had sex and I feel like I need to be out there doing the same. I wanted to write this so that when other teenagers out there look online for what’s wrong with them and they will find someone they can relate to and give them hope.
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    Hi Okc, thank you for posting, that post was a long time ago and I'm sorry no one responded to you until now. How are things going for you now? Any changes? How successful have you been at overcoming porn during the holidays? Best wishes to you in your journey.
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    Did a pretty awful job over the holidays but since the new year started, streaks have been getting more and more consistent. However, my brain still manages to trick me into peeking at something and then that turns into a full out PMO at some point soon after. Any advice?
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    So glad you're back, my man.

    There's not really a quick fix to this whole PMO thing. My advice to you is to start some small new habits that just become part of your life and will add up to big change down the road. The first thing I'd suggest is that you make it a practice to visit this site every day, even just for a few minutes. Write a line or two about what's happening with you sometimes, and sometimes just visit someone else's thread and make a comment about what's going on with them. As you make that a habit, you'll start to want to have good things to report, and you'll start to learn from other people's experiences. It creates accountability and community. This can over time be hugely helpful.
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    Squire's got a point, but I'd like to add some advice.

    1: Avoid alone time (includes procrastinating). Those are the easiest times to give in, so if you find yourself alone and feeling tempted just ring a m8 and head off somewhere.
    Go for a walk, get into sports, start a new hobby something along those lines.

    2: Remember that if you ever feel like temptations are getting to you, nobody's gonna frown at you for posting here about what you're going through.

    3: Set realistic goals. Don't aim for eternity on the get-go. I highly advice to aim for like 3-4 days at first, then go up to a week, then two weeks etc. It's just nice so it feels like you're progressing, yknow? Eternity's a long time
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