17 year old sufferer of PIED journal to overcome with nofap noPMO

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    Ok, so I'm 17 years old and have been fapping since about the age of 13/14. At least once or twice a day. I hadn't really noticed anything wrong with myself until recently, when with my girlfriend in bed, I couldn't get it up in order to lose my virginity. I thought it was just nerves so I wasn't too bothered by it. But then I stumbled across PIED and realise I have so many of the 'symptoms'. For example only erect when watching/thinking about porn. Objectifying women. Watching more extreme types of porn. Weaker erections when watching porn etc. therefore I have decided that I want to change. To do this I am quitting porn, for good. I am also stopping masturbation and orgasm for a while while I reboot. I intend to tell my girlfriend who I know will help me through this specifically through rewiring. At this stage I'm not sure whether or not to allow myself to orgasm if it's her doing it with me as a form of rewiring, or if that will only set me back, so any advice concerning that would be greatly appreciated. In order to aid with my change, I'm also increasing the amount of exercise I do, as well as beginning yoga and meditation. I will be keeping a journal of everything that happens regarding all of this. Would also love to hear people's advice/opinions and just generally discuss things. PIED_piper17
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    Days 1-3

    So far I've had no major urges, probably because I'm during a week of exams so don't really have the time. I have done exercise each of the 3 days, two were weight and sprint sessions, one was a 5km run. I am yet to start meditation but will try tonight (night of day 3). I am yet to tell my girlfriend as she has been extremely busy with exams as well, but I will be seeing her on friday(day 6)
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    Day 4

    Still no real urges or any real thoughts about porn and masturbation. I'm not really touching down there, except for washing and things like that.
    I did achieve one of my fastest 5km runs today, a possible sign of testosterone and energy build up from no PMO.
    I'm expecting this stuff to be the same for the next few weeks but we'll see
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    Day 5

    Still no proper urges, no thoughts of porn or anything sexual really, a possible sign that my brain fog is lifting. I did achieve a fairly hard erection today just from soft stroking thinking about nothing, this felt good as it seemed to be stronger than my pre noPMO erections, and it was also over nothing. It did of course go down quite fast but I will take it as an improvement. Tomorrow is the day I tell my girlfriend and the rewiring will hopefully begin and help with my rebooting!
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    Day 6

    Today was the first day I have seen my girlfriend since this begun. From the time I spent with her, it seemed that I am more attracted to her and being with her, than the thought of the things I could do to her. I did get rock hard a few times and she felt it constantly but I wouldn't let her properly wank it. I am yet to tell her what I am doing though, which hurt not to tell her, but I will do it next time I see her which will hopefully be over the weekend. I am still trying to work out the best way to rewire with her, so any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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    Day 7

    One week down! I've not had a lot of urges in terms of porn or even really masturbation. I've not had any morning wood, or any spontaneous erections as of yet. I am yet to start rewiring as I haven't told my girlfriend, I am seeing her tomorrow though so I should be telling her then.
    Now that I have finished my first week of updates, I will be only posting to my journal when I have something of significance, I will still do weekly updates though
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    It seems like you're going through the same shit like I do.

    You should definitely tell your girlfriend if you think she will help you out.
    My girlfriend knows the whole situation and she's happy to help me.

    It may take a while to heal yourself but don't lose hope man.
    It's really good that you still get aroused by her.

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