138 days, rock-solid evidence of progress

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by LOGOS, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. LOGOS

    LOGOS Personal Best - 233 Days PMO-free

    Now at 210 days, still yet more rock-solid evidence of progress

    Just an update from 210 days. Things keep getting better and better. Not only do I *always* have a schwingin' hardon before my trousers hit the floor, I do not even need to touch myself during sex ... and I stay rock hard all the time. Unreal. In short, since I have mostly quit MO as well, I have eliminated my dependence on my own hand and its special MO techniques. Not touching myself leaves me freer to experience other sensations and approach the encounter more holistically, as does not having to worry or even think at all about whether I will be able to get hard, perform, etc. All this reduces my focus on my dick and being sure it's always at the center of the action, which makes me a MUCH better lover. (Putting your dick on the sidelines for awhile definitely makes your partner want it all the more.) Better yet, I am achieving hands-free orgasms; even a handjob will put me over the edge. But wait, it gets better: I have also begun to notice a crazy-making "buzzing" feeling in my rocket when I am fully aroused, which I later realized I remember from my teenage boners: almost an electric feeling that is awesome. I am FULLY CHARGED.

    I am living in a different world from the days when my sex life was essentially a six-pack of beer, a viagra, the computer, my right hand, and a hit of poppers. Sure glad that's behind me. Any guys struggling out there and wondering from time to time whether it's worth it, and whether it works, the answer is YES on both counts.Truth be told I thought that these crazy-hard boners and all that was young-guy stuff and that I would never go there again. I convinced myself I needed Viagra because I was *41* (!!). Not so! I'm a middle-aged fuckin stallion! 8)
  2. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Great stuff mate. Definitely jealous lol.
  3. TheFuture

    TheFuture Allow me to reintroduce myself

    I needed to read this post, a great success BSM! It's making me realise how important no MO is in this journey and not just no PMO.
  4. johnnyfive

    johnnyfive New Member

    Great post, congratulations on your success.
  5. JW86

    JW86 New Member

    Where I want and am aiming to be. Great stuff, OP
  6. mangoman5

    mangoman5 New Member

    when you had sex your first time how fast did it take you to cum? was it quick?
  7. AguyinFlorida

    AguyinFlorida New Member

    Thank you Blue Sky Mind
    Sounds corny but you really are an inspiration!
  8. geddonjones

    geddonjones Machete don't text.

    Excellent success story, 210 days though? At only 8 days in I can only pray at lasting 202 days!

    Well done sir!
  9. LOGOS

    LOGOS Personal Best - 233 Days PMO-free

    At some point --- for me it was at around 75 days --- you break through into the Porn Is Not an Option mindset, which changes everything. I had full-boner sex at ~140 days. And things have continues to get better since I cut MO. Good luck!
  10. goodlife

    goodlife One chance. Take it.

    That was a quality read sir. Thanks and good luck with your ongoing stallion-esque lifestyle, it's where we all want to be.
  11. perasaafi

    perasaafi New Member

    well done quiting porn
  12. BiggerBetterLife

    BiggerBetterLife New Member

    Awesome!!! Please continue to post your experiences especially how it impacted your career, social and general well-being. It will inspire others more.
  13. AguyinFlorida

    AguyinFlorida New Member

    Screw that! I want to hear about the improved sex life......(joke)....well sort of a joke.......
  14. LOGOS

    LOGOS Personal Best - 233 Days PMO-free

    I'll keep posting about my great sex life here. Meanwhile my journal has the information that the other guy is looking for. Link in my signature bar.
  15. geddonjones

    geddonjones Machete don't text.

    Your story is awesome, I hope everybody recovers as well as you have. I'd be over the moon!!!

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