120 days of hard mode. let's find out what's on the other side

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by Dee556pak, Aug 20, 2020.

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    Day 60/120

    Half way through.
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    Day 71 /120
    Success. No PMO
    I'm still going strong. This is my longest streak so far.

    Although I don't see much improvement. No morning wood , no sign of libido. I sometimes feel an urge to watch erotic content whenever I open Netflix or youtube but so far I have controlled myself very well. I also am not using social media. And because of covid since I'm home all the time I feel quite lonely sometimes. Also I'm using YouTube quite a lot. Will reduce that as well. So many things in life that aren't going right. But I'm being strong and optimistic. Hoping for a better future.
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    You are an inspiration! Keep posting us. I'm going to post regularly now. Coming back after suffering a lot.
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    You're so inspiring man, your journal gives me so much hope, thank you.
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    Day 90/120

    For the first since I started my reboot process I have been able to achieve this 90 days milestone. I remember back in the days this seemed impossible to achieve. Being from someone who used to fap multiple times a day and did the same for more than a decade to someone who is now aiming for a whole year clean, Is a transition I'm proud of. I feel great that I'm finally doing it. As far as improvement is concerned I think don't think I'm there yet! No morning wood no clear sign of libido. But to be honest it still is better than that "fapping all day everyday" lifestyle I don't care how much time it will take now. All I care about is not going back to the place where I was in. Now I'm aiming for another 90 days!
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