[113 Days] - Goodbye!

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by livefreeordiehard, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Re: [112 Days] - Diehard's Journal

    Yes this process is mental tiring. But the best what we can do is staying without masturbation and try to be busy with sth else. We should be happy that we became aware of the dangers of porn at young age. We should focus on other life challenges. Everything will be ok with sex. For me, gaining girlfriend is now priority. Then I can test my penis. And if it doesn;t work then I will start worrying.
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    Re: [112 Days] - Diehard's Journal

    Ok, I am relatively new here and I dont post that much, I am still no where close to your achiviement and I dont mean to preach you but I must tell you my opinion. You have done 100 days without PMO and you are still acting like is day zero and after few masturbations you are setting the new goal :eek:. What will happen in September when you masturbate again and not feel satisfied? I think you are missing the point of rebooting, its not about sex, its about changing yourself. And your body doesnt need 100 days to recover physically (I notice you keep mentioning your penis color, balls size etc). Getting laid and losing virginity should be your priority!!! Dont worry about ED, if it happens than fuck it, if not thats great but you must DO SOMETHING. Find girlfriend, date, date, date, hooker if you want quick fix, do anything else besides waiting you are so good at. Dont waste best years of your life waiting for a change, man up and live a little. Its funny reading your post, picture of Bruce Willis and such a cowardish attitute coming from it, amazing contrast.
    Once again I apologize If I have offended you, I want to help you.

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    Re: [112 Days] - Diehard's Journal

    Yes guys you are right. It's just that I did expect more from this.
  4. livefreeordiehard

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    Day 113:

    I decided to stop my internet use almost completely. It's just a waste of time. I don't even use it in a productive way. I just stay away from porn. There isn't really much to report either, so you won't miss me much, lol.

    So, bye guys, and good luck with your reboot.

    Thanks to everyone who helped me!
  5. Primetime

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    Cheers mate, best of luck to you!
  6. Pedigree

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    Bye Diehard. Good luck with everything.
  7. Barneybarn

    Barneybarn Reboot and rewire!

    Good Luck!
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    Good luck buddy. I believe sex will change everything for you, and I'm positive you won't have ED considering how pure your reboot has been.
  9. J.P.

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    I hope he comes back from time to time. Just quick visits so we can see progress. But I agree that Diehard will benefit more from having very infrequent visits, taking breaks has helped me.

    I know you'll do great Diehard, good luck with everything.
  10. RedPill

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    I think we've only conversed once or twice before on this forum, so I have a fairly fresh pair of eyes when it comes to viewing your journal. I've been looking over my own one too, and what strikes me as odd is the surprisingly small amount of time that has transpired, compared to what it actually feels like. Go back to your first journal post and check the date. That was only August last year!

    I mean, don't get me wrong, 118 days is an amazing achievement (one I've yet to come close to) and it must have been a massive effort, particularly for someone who has depression and has been unemployed until recently. But that big number tends to make it sound like we have been rebooting for aaaaaagggeeesss, when in actual fact, it was just a few months ago. Think about it. You've been heavily addicted for the last 10 years. It is not surprising that your brain is being slow to respond to your efforts, as herculean as they have been. So give yourself a break (I DON'T MEAN FROM THE REBOOT!!! ;D).

    What I mean is, don't be so hard on yourself. It will take time for the brain to rebalance itself. I'm beginning to think the 3 month guideline is actually more of a hindrance than a help. It's causing people to get impatient and just say "fuck this" and relapse. Forget about the 3 month thing. Realistically, it will take heavy addicts much longer. But IT WILL HAPPEN. Just stay level, and keep moving forward. The fact that you have a job until September will help you immensely.

    Good luck man and... Yippee Ki Yay, mother-respecter. 8)

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