11 years of PMO

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    Hello everyone, my name is Carlos, i'm 21 y/o. I post this thread to share my experiences. My first encounter with porn occured back in school, 11 years ago, when a friend of mine showed me a video he just downloaded early that day to his Motorola V300 via USB cable. I couldn't stop thinking ab/ it for a second for the rest of the day till i came back home a started googling porn. I remember that the slightest image of a boob turned me on insanely. 11 years, 3 gf's, tons of porn and Hi-Speed internet later i found myself wrecked. I remember thinking: i'm truly destroyed: my libido, my self-love, my ability to focus and my social skills AND PIED (Even w/ porn). I even thought ab/ suicide and shit, but i started this NoFap challenge and so far i'm 36 days in, i can say i've improved a 20% in every area i mentioned and feeling strong, my confidence is still crap, but i KNOW if i continue down this road, i'll get back the person i'm meant yo be. Wish me luck fapstronauts!
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    Hey Carlos, welcome! Great to know that you are already experiencing benefits, and congrats on the 36 days! Keep moving forward, keep that momentum, make a plan for when the urges come, learn to live without porn. You are doing well, and I hope your good progress continues! Please keep us updated about your journey.

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