100 Activities to replace Internet/PMO addiction

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Kendrick83, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Kendrick83

    Kendrick83 Guest

    So I logged into the forums this morning, and I read a thread in the Pornography Section which hit close to home. It's nice and all that people on this site want to combat their issues and escape Internet/PMO addiction, however what we really need in this community is some kind of a game plan so that we can start living richer and more fulfilling lives.

    If you truly want to beat your addictions and improve the quality of your life, what we need is PRACTICAL advice, and a list of potential placebo's which can be used to help keep your mind off of porn and/or the Internet.

    In this thread, we will list 100 activities that anyone (no matter what age or background) can do which can get us away from PMO and the Internet. As we go along, I'll update the original post and sort them into different categories.

    Disclaimer: as a means of helping reduce people's dopamine, and making you more extroverted, activities involving entertainment products (e.g. video games, movies, TV etc.) will NOT be included in this list.

    1. Read 'Your Brain On Porn' (Gary Wilson)
    2. Ride a bike
    3. Visit a relative or close friend
    4. Go swimming
    5. Book a weekend trip
    6. Go for a long walk
    7. Join a gym
    8. Volunteer for a local charity

    These are just some tentative ideas, feel free to add your own.
  2. aristotle

    aristotle Member

    Another one to add to the list is Meditating or deep breathing exercises. Also, reading any book in general. Join meetup.com and go to meetups. I think the motto of meetup is to use the internet to get off of the internet or something like that.
  3. jjveetec

    jjveetec Well-Known Member

    btw don't count me as one "battling" and wanting to "beat" anything. I want a better life so I'm making it a better life - there is nothing else to it. As per activities to replace pmo:
    - hoola hoop classes
    - teaching your dog to do backflips ( http://dogcare.dailypuppy.com/train-dog-backflips-5991.html )
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  4. nathan

    nathan New Member

    buy or adopt a dog

    play the guitar

  5. Jjmak

    Jjmak Guest

    I played the trumpet decades ago. It's time to take up the trumpet again and learn more this time. Keep at it. Practise, practise, practise!

    Join a toastmasters club, I've been learning to communicate on a much better level.
  6. John Thevan

    John Thevan Guest

    I started playing violin again after many years of putting it down after high school.
    Try learning a new instrument.
  7. Craz33

    Craz33 Member

    The problem with reading to me is that all books I read are boring now because of this addiction. At least the 3 I tried. I could not get into them at all. Constantly zoning out. Learning to play an instrument seems great, but I really have to get my ass in gear to find an instructor.
  8. jjveetec

    jjveetec Well-Known Member

    The more you do something the better you get at it. Maybe now you can only forcus for 5 or 10 minutes. What you do is you constancly "re-focus" once you lose your focus. Over and over again. Eventually you'll be able to focus for longer... and longer.

    With the instructor - just google it and you'll find a bunch of them in your area. Read opionions of other people and then call the one you feel most suitable. It's actually very simple if you break it down into small pieces.
    I'm talking to myself here, too. Because sometimes I get overwhelmed by something that isn't diffiuclt at all. Key is to break it down into small, manageable chunks
  9. Lesnarlulham

    Lesnarlulham New Member


    Going to a cafe enjoying tea/coffee with magazine with a topic your passionate about.

    Having a 20 minute stroll

    Taking time to groom yourself everyday
  10. Gus74

    Gus74 Confidently hoping for the best.

    Read your Bible and pray for a while. Listen to some wonderful music. Think positive thoughts.
    Go visit an older person or family member.
  11. Nowist

    Nowist Believe that you can and you will.

    1. Doodle
    2. Fill up a sketchbook
    3. Daydream
    4. Stargaze
    5. Play the guitar
    6. Play the piano
    7. Learn an instrument and get good at it
    8. Learn to draw and get good at it
    9. Learn a computer programming language
    10. Build your own website
    11. Read a book
    12. Take your time eating a food slowly
    13. Meditate
    14. Yoga
    15. Stretch
    16. Breath
    17. Nature Walks
    18. Wash your car
    19. Organize your home
    20. Feng Shui your home
    21. Clean up every corner of your home
    22. Go to starbucks and listen to the conversations
    23. Go to the beach
    24. Participate in charity
    25. Help someone out for free with a skill you have
    26. Try intermittent Fasting
    27. Get good at math
    28. Get good at cooking
    29. Write in your journal
    30. Start a sport
    31. Get good at one sport
    32. Research a subject and write a long essay about it
    33. Listen to Documentaries write down important bits
    34. Learn to sing
    35. Enjoy a music be in the music
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  12. lylemcd

    lylemcd Member

    good stuff!
    Keep it up!
  13. CardinalTetra

    CardinalTetra New Member

    Set up a Planted Aquarium; Fish and aquatic plants can keep you engrossed !
  14. Dr.Dec

    Dr.Dec New Member

    Try to read as much as you can. I heard a story about the woman who overcame her depression by reading a book per day during the whole year. It's an amazing idea! Of course most of us can't do it because we need to work/study on every day basis but we still can spend most of our free time by reading books. In any case it is good therapy.
  15. spoofy

    spoofy Active Member

    Dunno, all these activities introduce stress to your life, you can't replace porn (which relieves stress) with them.
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  16. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    ur wrong.

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