10 Year Addiction. 5 years trying to get clean. IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by struggling1234, May 14, 2019.

  1. Hi guys.

    Just turned 25.

    Been trying to quit seriously for bout 6 years..been addicted for 10 years.

    Pmo has caused me alot of pain. Especially mental health issues.

    I could go into a huge essay but here i am trying to get clean again.

    Will be posting my thoughts daily. I want to be clean from this forever like i was before i came across PMO.

    Anyone want to join me?

    Is becoming clean even possible? Wat is the definition of being clean?
  2. jerryson

    jerryson New Member

    will join you bro have been trying to quit too for 5 years now
  3. WilltoPower

    WilltoPower New Member

    Hey Struggling.

    We are in a similar demographic. Same age group and length of time addicted. I've been trying to quit for 4 years now. It's tough.

    Porn has caused me many issues. I left it all bare in my journal entry.

    There is hope. Many individuals have successfully overcome their addiction to porn. Why not us?

    The answer to your last question is somewhat subjective. Generally, not viewing pornography is considered clean.
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  4. Ereignis

    Ereignis Active Member

    First, I want to offer my condolences from the perspective of someone else who has been struggling for years. I understand that it is hard, and you have lost years of your life to this habit.

    Yes, it is possible to recover. Many people have recovered, but no two people have identical recovery trajectories. You might have to look deep at your life, deep at your own mind, deep at your habits, and figure out what kind of things you need to do that you haven't yet done. You might have to make major changes to break out of the old habits: Living somewhere else, having a different job, living healthier, completely changing what you do with your spare time, or your thought patterns. I don't mean to say that you haven't done enough, because perhaps you have already made a great effort. But keep an open mind to the possibility that there is something in your life that is chaining you to your addictions and your old (current) ways.

    Hope that helps. Never give up.
  5. stone

    stone Member

    Been addicted for 13 yrs. Got to the point where I became totally indifferent to everything a few months back, so there was really nothing better to do than nofap. Still believe we can become clean without any doubt. Meanwhile, from our attempts to quit, we will learn things that can't be learnt otherwise. Maybe one day, when look back, we won't feel so regretful anymore. We may even be grateful for the things we learnt from this mistake.
  6. Ereignis

    Ereignis Active Member

    Sounds like a classic case of rock bottom. Former alcoholics talk about this a lot.

    I hope OP returns because there is still hope. He seems to have absorbed some negative ways of thinking either before NoFap or along the way.
  7. Urge 1 - Day 9

    Starting to get some urges today. Getting to day 9 was relatively easy. I can now start to feel the horniness growing. I know that this is a mixture in part of horniness but majority a dopmine and PMO craving.

    These are the moments we look forward to in the reboot/new lifestly. As this is the moments when we all have the option to change. To not get tricked by our own addicted brain to even go near any action acitvity or thought which will lead us into an uncontrollable spiral to relapse.

    My mind my anxiety my fears my depression my wellbeing, my skin, my voice, my thoughts have since beginning the reboot have improved. And no doubt i have been in these situations so i know that if i stay clean forever and make this my new lifestyle these problems will improve so drastically that in time i will return to my old self. this time a disciplined version that is more confident and a version that will grow to be successful and content.

    I thank you all for the comments you have been making on this group. I have been reading them.

    Feel free to comment on my update. I love peoples thoughts. We are all here to eliminate this filth not from our own lives but from aiding each other to ensure this doesnt ruin the lives of future generations. My future chikdre ur children. We are doing this for humanity.

    Im starting with the man in the mirror. Im asking him to change his ways. If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and then make a change.
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  8. Ereignis

    Ereignis Active Member

    It's a good idea to mention your urges here. Here's something I did that helped me a great deal: A "trigger journal." Buy a notebook (a real pen-and-paper notebook), and write down the following things as an entry whenever you have an urge:
    2) time,
    3) intensity on a scale of 1-10 (this is subjective, just estimate),
    4) whether it was a normal or abnormal thought/stimulus relative to what you usually look at with PMO, and
    5) what state of mind you're in that contributes (you could say things like "drunk," "sleepy," "angry at friends," anything like this).

    This will teach you to analyze your triggers logically and try and be objective about what they are, rather than just acting on them and relapsing.

    Good luck. Making a daily entry on here would help a lot in terms of keeping you on track and reminding you that this is important to you, but occasional posts are better than nothing.
  9. bluebullet

    bluebullet Member

    Thanks for the journal idea!
    I'll try this out
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  10. bluebullet

    bluebullet Member

    Just started browsing this site again after a few years.
    Even though it's not as active as before,
    I'm glad there are still active people here on the same journey as me :)
  11. bluebullet

    bluebullet Member

    I'm joining all of you! Let's do this together!
  12. Ereignis

    Ereignis Active Member

    It seems like most of the people left here signed up years ago. I couldn't find my old thread so I had to start a new one.
  13. bluebullet

    bluebullet Member

    Thanks for starting a thread
  14. bluebullet

    bluebullet Member

    Got home from the gym today
    It's hard to be there since it's a co-ed gym, and commute home just so many girls everywhere
    And my brain just forces me to check out any girl that comes in my field of vision.
    I don't know why :(
  15. bluebullet

    bluebullet Member

    I didn't relapse though
    But I'm putting this in my trigger journal
    Hopefully I'll be better to cope
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  16. Urge 2 - Day 10

    Urge was stronger then yesterday but not unbearable. Had to be aware of the cravings and see them through although it was relatively easy.

    Been txting this girl im getting to know and she sent me a normal selfie of her face and i was up like a rock. Didnt touch anything and just waited till it went away.

    Im not sure why but whenever i talk to any girl via txt (non sexually) just friendly chatter and im attracted to them its seems easy to get a solid erection without touch.

    Had a few urges to open up a page about a porn star to see her. But didnt respond to the craving.

    Also been attacked today with a bit of lethargy which normally is another trigger that sends me into a relapse. Just waiting for it to pass.

    Observing all these feelings that are in my mind and in my body. Lets feels these cravings and unpleasant feelings now so we can become masters of discipline. This is the new lifestyle. Allow the body and mind to rejuvenate and revitalise with no PMO. These negative feelings and cravings are the SIGNS WE NEED TO KEEP GOING. The negative feelings IS THE BODY RECOVERING. With discipline we will become the greatest version of ourselves that we aspire to be.

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  17. Ereignis

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    You haven't posted in a week or so. Everything going well?

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