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    Hello everyone, sorry for my English (I speak Spanish).

    A few days ago I turned one year without PMO and recently I also turned 30 years old.

    I really don't have the need to masturbate watching porn anymore, even if I see some hot images (instagram, tinder, movies).

    In this year I had sex with more women than in my entire life (11 girls) with some I repeated many times. No relationship happened from the sexual.

    As I said in my previous post I take half a pill of sildenafil. Here comes the only weak point. Many times I can have sex 2 times in a row and a couple even 3 times, BUT also many times after the first it is impossible for me. Even 1/4 of a pill is enough for me to have sex once, but never twice.
    I would have to try without taking a pill, I think I could have ... because once I got back from a date I had a groping with a girl in the car and my penis was hard.

    The other thing that helped are the kegels to last longer, when I stopped masturbating I became very sensitive and could finish in seconds haha. But with the kegels I can last a long time, I recommend them, also supposedly it also helps the erection but that I could not confirm anymore.

    Anyway, I still stayed a lot, I think what I would most need is a partner / girlfriend.
    Casual sex I'm not going to lie feels good, but I also feel a bit empty.

    Another thing, I have few woods in the morning. I clarify it because I know that many think that it marks that one is cured (?).
    I think I still have to say "I'm cured" (leave the pills and maybe always have a second round), I don't know if this is the maximum that I can improve, or with time if I will notice more improvements.

    I hope that my English is understood, and that this helps someone to encourage you In my other post is "my past"
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    I'm kind of sad, yesterday I couldn't even have sex with a pill. I'm meeting a girl that I really liked for more than just sex. Now I am ashamed to talk to him and I think it will happen to me again.

    The reality is that we had gone to eat before and I started to feel bad when we were in bed (I wanted to go to the bathroom, I contained gas and burped constantly). I went to the bathroom because I couldn't take it anymore haha, I was doing more strength to contain the gases
    and I had to do the second (too much information haha), haha now I laugh so as not to cry. Anyway, I don't want to use it as an excuse either, obviously I'm still not as well as I thought. I also think that the pill lost its effect because I had eaten before, I think I felt a bit of the effect after more hours when I was at home. But anyway, I already thought that I didn't even need the pills anymore, it makes me sad because I met quite a few girls by chance and I had a lot of confidence in myself already.

    I'm going 420 days, I feel that I am stuck in the benefits that I obtained shortly after starting 90 days ... I know that many take longer and that I am having sex. I really feel sad, I think I will always need the pills, calculate the time, go to the bathroom and take it.

    Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, because I had good sexual experiences at this time and some incredible ones. More considering all the time that he could not have satisfactory sex.
    .But, in part, he believed that the pill was no longer as necessary for sex and even taking it nothing happened this time.

    Anyway, I will try to take it easy, since it was a particular situation (but I try to avoid excuses by denying the problem, as in the past).
    Really, I think it affected me as I was seriously trying to get to know someone and I thought they were ready.

    I think counting the stumbles will also help others to see that it really is a long and not perfect road. I hope my messages are understood with my bad English haha
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    The whole erection mechanism is more complicated and delicate than one would think.

    Don't beat yourself up - it will come around for sure!

    Also, congratulations on your impressive achievement! Wow!
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    Thanks for answering :). It's nice to feel the support. I think at that moment I got depressed because I felt that everything was going quite well and it was an emotional blow.

    Updating a bit

    Well after that I saw another girl that I frequent every so often (since I started with this pmo) and we had sex, although a single shot, but it ended a bit quickly, maybe I neglected the kegels since I was managing to be really quite a long time usually. I confess that it is boring after so much time doing kegels every day but hey I'm sure of their effectiveness so I'm trying again to practice them with the same intensity as at the beginning.

    On the other hand I realized that I have already been 15 months when I saw the counter, I confess that I no longer count the days and really the feeling of needing to masturbate does not exist even when I see risque images or something similar.
    But I feel that there is still a lot to do
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  5. CleanBootsBaby!

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    Update: Well, I'm still in a similar situation, meeting girls and having sex with the help of the pill. I recently passed the 500 days, I don't really count them, but I have written the start date in my mind, it would be 17 months.

    I keep feeling that something is missing, which demotivates me. I tried to do a test by touching me to see if I achieved an erection and it cost me a lot at 60%, it loses quickly too, so I do not know without pills if I could really be with a woman.

    I think I had very good results very quickly and then I did not notice great results that accumulate and that makes me a bit frustrated. But I have to remember how I was at the beginning.
  7. CleanBootsBaby!

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    I was tempted, too, but now I don't use such tests anymore. Why: because they are irrelevant. I had to masturbate to get my sperm tested...it was like fighting with a pool noodle.

    An erection is like 90% mental. If you convince yourself you can't do it and need help, it'll translate into when you are about ti get it on with someone.

    You could be walking / breathing into / a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Not sure if meaningless sex helps your case either, but that's not for me to decide. Just suggesting.
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    Thanks for answering, it is always motivating to see answers.

    If I think similar, it is the same first time that I do this test, but hey I think the important thing is that it works in sex. I do not think I will repeat it.

    I don't know if I misunderstand the meaning because of my English, do you mean pills (or casual sex)? Yes I understand the point, but well for now I think it helps to have confidence to be able to specify the sexual relationship, but at the same time I understand the negative point of one also mentally depend on consumption. For now I think I will continue with that help until I have a stable partner and try to connect more (someday I hope the partner arrives haha)
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    CleanBootsBaby! Well-Known Member

    Oh, by "meaningless sex" I meant the casual variety.

    Anyway, keep doing the right thing, and you will reap the benefits!
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    Well, I recently updated, but I wanted to do this new update.

    Basically it was to tell a positive experience without pills, I took a girl in my car and she sucked my penis getting an erection
    (I did not consume any pills) and it worked perfectly until finished. At the same time I did not notice if it was 100% hard. But I think it was enough to be able to have sex.

    I found it interesting to be able to do it without a pill and I wanted to update this a bit. I think it is an achievement that makes me a little happy.

    Before starting this whole journey, even girls in much more private situations made an effort to achieve an erection with their mouth.

    I think it was just a little bit of motivation that I needed. It was something that was not planned
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    Well I'm still here, it's been a while since I read the forum and I've been free from pmo for more than two years...
    Anyway, since that day I've been "clean", having sex (with the help of a pill, which is something I don't like that much either), I had occasional problems in sex. Obviously the hype that I had fell a little, although I'm not tempted to masturbate or watch porn, but well, I've been going for more than two years. It is difficult to say I will improve more? I would like to have a partner at some point and I think I'll know there...

    In short, without a pill, it would clearly be difficult for me since even taking it occasionally fails, it's rare, because there are times when I can have sex 3 times, others once, others two, others the first time is difficult... But in general I have sex (with pill).
    Broadly speaking, I still think that the positive thing is that I have a sexual life, I have sex often and well. As I said before, from time to time it happens that it does not work, but in general it is positive.

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