1 year pied and libido recovery

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    So I have never posted but I have been lurking for years and years since I was 16 years old actually on the nofap forums (25 now) when I first came across this community when I had my first pied incident with a girl.

    Back then I couldn't even make it over 2 weeks but I do remember going 8 days my very first attempt almost 10 years ago and having a 100 percent erection for the first time in my life It felt like, I thought I was recovered and then slipped back into pmo split with the girl and then ultimately fell back into pmo.

    The years went by and my pied just got worse and worse as my viewing got worse until finally 1 year ago I decided too do something about it.
    The state of my pied before I started was so bad that when I would watch porn my erection would be at like 60 percent max, and my libido was completely non existent, i then started my journey of zero pmo and about 2 weeks in I entered a relationship. Funny thing is during this relationship I was actually able too get decent boners from the start but a lot of the time the desire and sexual drive wasn't there and I felt like for a very long time nothing really improved, I'd get the exact same boners I did from day 1 til now really.

    My journey has been very weird for me; in the past if I tried a no pmo streak by about 10 days in if I saw any porn or any sexual material my heart would race and I'd be so turned on but now it's almost as if I couldn't care less about porn on few occasions I have seen it. I haven't struggled with relapse at all for this entire year it has felt really easy.

    Progress-wise I'm actually not sure where I'm at because at the beginning my libido was very very low and now sometimes I can get really turned on but usually if I do and have a orgasm during sex for the next while not sure how long maybe a week my sex drive plummets as if I go into flatline?

    Do any of you long rebooters have advice? As I feel like I have made decent progress but is the fact the I couldn't care less about porn even when I happen too come across it by accident worries me does this mean my sex drive is at an all time low or that my brain is rewiring away from porn? If so then what's up with the weak erections every now and then and the flatline sex drive after orgasm during sex? Do I just need longer? Thanks too everyone in this community.

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