★ The Under 20 Rewiring League ★

Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by Ryan94, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Hayder

    Hayder New Member

    I hope both you and me get in this bro xD if it doesn't work yet, you can just make a Microsoft Excel document where you alter the numbers of how much times you've done the 5 tasks, EVERYDAY. And there you go, you're tracking your progress, no competition though, and u dont need competition anyways mate. Its your life, never stop adding what benefits you and keep removing what kills you ;) best of luck mate.
  2. ssa3x

    ssa3x New Member

    Though this has probably been inactive for quite a while, I hope that if or when you guys continue, I could join because honestly it seems like such a great idea and it might be something worth trying which could actually work out for me for once. If ever you guys decide to resume doing what you're doing, could you reply to this thread pls??
  3. Nofap_noobie

    Nofap_noobie New Member

    Yo guys ... Can you add me to the challenge???
  4. Ash_Matt

    Ash_Matt New Member

    Very interesting site :)
    I got here from Rewire Companion, which I'd suggest as an amazing app.
    Just relapsed from a 78 day streak to MO, no P* ever.
    I'm 17 and eager to keep rebooting. I had so many noFap benefits then, want to get back.
  5. Kamen

    Kamen New Member

    Hello, I am 16 and would like to join the league
  6. Gloydrokliptsfrd087

    Gloydrokliptsfrd087 New Member

    Hello I wonder why all links for resources aren't working for me

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