★ The Under 20 Rewiring League ★

Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by Ryan94, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. FappyBird

    FappyBird Do, or do not. There is no "try".

    This is something I must do! Sign me up!
  2. mjjumpman23

    mjjumpman23 New Member

    hello im looking to join because i feel porn has ruined my life ive been watching it since i was 14 and i am 18 now ive been wanting to stop but i am completely addicted t it. I have intentions to approach and talk to women meet them go out not be inside my home destroying my life because of my own choices. meet approach over 10000000 girls lol the thing is i am a social person but when talking to them i get nervous and view them negatively.
  3. I want to join too
  4. ABecker

    ABecker New Member

    I want to join so badly, but I can't. I abstain like there's no tomorrow, I'm very consistent with keeping my fantasy tracks under control, I do physical activity everyday.

    But (here's the stickler) girls don't grow on trees. Being in a relationship with a girl requires more than abstaining. Abstaining means I'm capable of withholding whenever I have the willpower. Being in a relationship is just as much in the control of her ("her" being that hypothetical girl we were talking about) as it is my own. I would love to but, unless you can get me a girl better than I can, I can't participate.
  5. mickeytee

    mickeytee Guest

    I just had three weeks of school examinations and got rid of porn for the time being. Right now I feel like porn is harmless and am fapping about once a day, but I know that this will escalate very quickly. So I want to quit while I'm ahead. How can I join?
  6. chosenone

    chosenone New Member

    hey friends,
    i am new to this forum .this is my first day.
    can some one help me to join a group or something like that??
    i want to take part in that 5 question daily exersise
    plzzz helpp!!!!! :-\ :-\ :-\
  7. rayme

    rayme New Member

    i want to join the league cause i really need to end my pmo ADDICTION ..it has really ruin certain things in my life
  8. Hector

    Hector New Member

    I could use an accountability partner.
  9. TooLeanForYou

    TooLeanForYou I'm a proud Fapstronaut.

    Hello... I don't know if you can read this ( i think i am not alone here) but i want to join your under 20 rewiring league... You may be surprised but I'm 16 looking to get my life back.. Thanks
  10. reachingnewheights

    reachingnewheights New Member

    I want to join. Please sign me up.


    Please, send me up.
  12. Hector

    Hector New Member

    Unfortunately it looks like the people who made this league are all gone now
  13. michealmagdyet

    michealmagdyet New Member

    I'm new here
    And I want to join the challenge but I don't have any idea about how to join
  14. Someone

    Someone New Member

    I would like to join the rewirring league!
  15. nameless_fella

    nameless_fella New Member

    Hey...is this group still active?
    I would like to join it. Pls reply!
  16. SyrupDC98

    SyrupDC98 New Member

    Interested in joining. Need help rebooting, and rewiring sounds good. Women find me pretty attractive, and I've had sexual experiences before, but my libido is constantly high, so I spend hours on pornhub. I want to stop, I know I can if I do it right, and I want to help other guys stop too. Consider me please.
  17. moodyman

    moodyman New Member

    I accept your challenge, good sir! :D
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    onlinegenericpills New Member

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  19. nurp

    nurp New Member

    Hey there. Id like to join if this is still up. I've been trying to reboot but have lacked the pro activity to do so... i feel like this will give me that
  20. Hayder

    Hayder New Member

    I'd like to try this out in order to track my progress. Seeing good numbers here will sure be encouraging to continue. Though I'm not here to really compete, if I'D fo all these beneficial tasks here then it is for the beneits id get, not really for competition.
    Rank is just a motivator, wether good or bad imo.
    So i rly can't wait till i get let in this :)

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