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    Example League Table:

    How To Participate In The Rewiring League:

    1. Check if there are any available spaces. The maximum allowed in each league is 10 people.

    2. If there are any spaces available in your age group, post on this thread stating your interest and I will add you to the league as soon as I can.

    3. Once you are admitted to the league, you should log in each day and answer 5 questions. Your answers will determine your score, and hence success rate (and therefore the rank in the league).

    Your 5 Questions:

    Did you avoid watching porn today?
    The purpose of rewiring is to become receptive to real-life experiences and real-life women. Conditioning your brain to be aroused by porn goes against the goal of rewiring.

    Did you receive at least 8 hours of sleep last night?
    A healthy amount sleep is integral for mental and physical well-being, and is very likely to speed up the rewiring process. As our brains are in the process of changing to return to a more natural state, a longer amount of sleep than usual would be ideal. However, 8 hours as a minimum would be beneficial enough.

    Did you interact with a beautiful woman today for more than 2 minutes?
    All experiences of interacting with women in the offline world contributes and helps towards the rewiring process, as long as you feel attraction to them.

    Did you avoid fantasising about intimacy today?
    Like abstaining from porn, abstaining from fantasy further conditions your mind to tend towards being attracted to women in the real-life world, rather than virtual or imaginary women.

    Did you spend at least 30 minutes doing a healthy activity today?
    Most members of this forum right now (after countless relapses) will probably realise that abstinence is not enough. Your brain still craves dopamine, and if you don't fill the gap left from abandoning porn with a healthy hobby, you will turn to unhealthy habits which bring about a dopamine high, or back to porn itself.

    It doesn't matter if you enter later than everyone else. This will not affect your success rate.

    Spaces available! Sign up on the appropriate thread:

    ★ The Under 20 Rewiring League ★

    ★ The 20-24 Rewiring League ★

    ★ The 25-29 Rewiring League ★

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