★ The 25-29 Rewiring League ★

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by Ryan94, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. TheTimeIsNow

    TheTimeIsNow New Member

    Does anyone know how to speed up this process? 8 hrs of sleep? What else can I do?
  2. Ingeniero

    Ingeniero New Member

    I am interested to join a rewired league. I am 35 and now trying to stop p and m facing now problems of selconfidence and lack of assertiveness.Thanks
  3. kevcox25

    kevcox25 Member

    I'll join
  4. jungleboswick

    jungleboswick New Member

    I would like to join this league. I believe it will help me keep track of my progress.
  5. rr711

    rr711 New Member

    add me! Ryan, a great way to 'stay accountable '
  6. suramski

    suramski Be The Best version of yourself.

    I would like to join this league too i've been trying no pmo for a long time now. i want to have accountability group plz put me in. (plz)
  7. Mike87

    Mike87 New Member

    Well done, big achievement :)
  8. punther

    punther New Member

    I would like to take part in this league. Sign Me Up! :)
  9. kcox25

    kcox25 New Member

    Who all is still in?
  10. azforlife

    azforlife New Member

    Hey Ryan, I really appreciate your initiative to start this accountability scheme to get us rebooting/rewiring?? or whatever, (Im new) but I'd like to get registered as soon as possible to record my daily progress, Thanks! :-\
  11. davidcopper

    davidcopper New Member

    I would like to take part in this league. Sign Me Up! :)
  12. old boy

    old boy New Member

    Can i participate in the league?
    If yes sign me in!
  13. ThisTimeIsForLife

    ThisTimeIsForLife New Member

    I would love to be part of this! Please sign me IN!
  14. yohoho

    yohoho New Member

    I'm interested! Any spots left?
  15. ashoksriram

    ashoksriram New Member

    hi admin, i been trying to rebooting for past 1 year, but i relapsed again and again to porn. i hope here with the help of this league, rebooting will be much more fun. Kindly add me in this league
  16. Vinderen

    Vinderen Who can abstain for the longest?

    I would like to join in - but theres one thing - not fantasizing about women and intimacy, is something I can't do, and I don't want to, but I could definately stop sitting around talking to myself about females and so on, so if this is acceptable I would like to join the competition and win.. Even if someone beats me, cause I had fantasy, that will be fine, I will still make a great effort to be the winner in regards of the other criteria.
  17. ItsPossible

    ItsPossible Active Member

    hello Ryan94,
    Great write up! I am not interested I joining the league. Just saying hello to follow the thread because you have some great materials posted I need to come back to. Good luck with the league!
  18. neveragain

    neveragain New Member

    Absolutely fantastic guide to all the resources available. I have recently gotten back into nofap after slipping a few times the last few weeks, but I am definitely on the right path by being here again. Very inspiring stuff!

    I realized after months of of being off porn that I had developed a kind of inner peace, which seems to have diminished every time I get sucked back into watching porn again -- hopefully, I can keep those benefits at the top of my priority list to help me succeed again. I read a quick summary on http://houseofpheromones.com - the owner had also mentioned many benefits of quitting. Since getting a girlfriend is my next priority, I definitely want to be at the top of my game!
  19. GH05T

    GH05T New Member


    Wanna join the league.
    No troubles, no ED, just tired of trying to quit and failing all over again. (probably as many of you experienced this too)
    M seems to be such a waste of time and also "a jerkish" self-excuse for not dating girls. Wish me luck ;)
  20. Danric

    Danric New Member

    I wanted to check if I could join the league.

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