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    The 25-29 Rewiring League

    LAST UPDATE: 14/05/2014

    The Resources section is continuously being updated. Check the Resources section below frequently for new relevant websites, articles and threads to help you with your recovery.



    Currently: 1
    Maximum: 10



    What Is Rewiring?

    Rewiring is having intimate contact with a real woman to trigger a natural arousal response.

    It doesn't necessarily mean sex, but having sex is the most effective way of rewiring. Hugging, kissing, touching, holding hands with a woman are all methods of rewiring.

    How To Participate In The Rewiring League:

    1. Check if there are any available spaces. The maximum allowed in each league is 10 people.

    2. If there are any spaces available in your age group, post on this thread stating your interest and I will add you to the league as soon as I can.

    3. Once you are admitted to the league, you should log in each day and answer 5 questions. Your answers will determine your score, and hence success rate (and therefore the rank in the league).

    Your 5 Questions:

    Did you avoid watching porn today?
    The purpose of rewiring is to become receptive to real-life experiences and real-life women. Conditioning your brain to be aroused by porn goes against the goal of rewiring.

    Did you receive at least 8 hours of sleep last night?
    A healthy amount sleep is integral for mental and physical well-being, and is very likely to speed up the rewiring process. As our brains are in the process of changing to return to a more natural state, a longer amount of sleep than usual would be ideal. However, 8 hours as a minimum would be beneficial enough.

    Did you interact with a beautiful woman today for more than 2 minutes?
    All experiences of interacting with women in the offline world contributes and helps towards the rewiring process, as long as you feel attraction to them.

    Did you avoid fantasising about intimacy today?
    Like abstaining from porn, abstaining from fantasy further conditions your mind to tend towards being attracted to women in the real-life world, rather than virtual or imaginary women.

    Did you spend at least 30 minutes doing a healthy activity today?
    Most members of this forum right now (after countless relapses) will probably realise that abstinence is not enough. Your brain still craves dopamine, and if you don't fill the gap left from abandoning porn with a healthy hobby, you will turn to unhealthy habits which bring about a dopamine high, or back to porn itself.

    It doesn't matter if you enter later than everyone else. This will not affect your success rate.

    Lastly, this thread is here for group support and sharing advice, on the following topics:

    1. Sharing your experiences on the rewiring process.
    2. Requesting help on any aspect of the rewiring process.
    3. Requesting and sharing your sexual experiences (especially from Karezza) to help with rewiring.

    1. Sharing your experiences during your reboot.
    2. Requesting help on any aspect of rebooting.
    3. Requesting and sharing reboot advice to members of this group.

    Lifestyle improvement:
    1. Sharing advice on improving one's lifestyle.
    2. Requesting advice on how to solve a lifestyle issue.

    1. Feedback about this thread. Any constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement are more than welcome.
    2. Suggesting new websites, threads or topics to add to the resources section.
    3. Anything else!

    Please minimise use of explicit or suggestive sexual language when writing your posts. Thank you.


    At the end of the year, the appropriate userbar will be sent to the members who achieve a high success rate.

    Gold Award:
    70% success rate or above

    Silver Award:
    60% success rate or above

    Bronze Award:
    50% success rate or above

    Don't let failure keep you down ;)

    Useful resources:

    YBR Threads on Rewiring:
    Why rewiring is more important than rebooting
    The Key To Rebooting and Rewiring!
    Is rewiring necessary for recovery?
    Rewiring by visiting a prostitute in Amsterdam?
    Red_Raja's rewiring experience
    How much should you rewire?
    Success story by prioritising rewiring 1
    Success story by prioritising rewiring 2
    Success story by prioritising rewiring 3
    Success story by prioritising rewiring 4
    Success story by prioritising rewiring 5
    Success story by prioritising rewiring 6
    Success story by prioritising rewiring 7
    Success story by prioritising rewiring 8
    A Gary Wilson post concerning rewiring

    YBOP Articles on Rewiring:
    My rewiring strategy - User story
    Unwiring & Rewiring Your Brain: Sensitization and Hypofrontality
    Other Techniques for Rewiring
    Schwartz technique for rewiring OCD
    Do I have to have sex in order to rewire?

    Karezza - An Ideal Sexual Technique for Rewiring:
    www.reuniting.info - all about Karezza
    Cupid's Poisoned Arrow
    Karezza subreddit
    Lovers' Ultimate Sex Hack: Karezza
    Another Way to Make Love
    Karezza vs. Edging
    Karezza poll
    Karezza question
    Karezza experiment
    Success story from rewiring with Karezza 1
    Success story from rewiring with Karezza 2
    Success story from rewiring with Karezza 3
    Success story from rewiring with Karezza 4
    Success story from rewiring with Karezza 5

    YBR Recovery Advice:
    9 Tips To 90
    Supersonic's 5 tips to Success
    How I went 90 days without masturbating (on hard mode) without breaking a sweat
    How I Went 100 Days Without Orgasm - My Blueprint for Success
    Laurynas' Recipe for Success
    Youngoldies Starter Kit for Rebooters
    PuritanWorkEthic's guide to recovery
    Freedomfromcybersex's tips for recovery
    Helpful Quotes, Food for the Journey
    The Top 3 Fatal Mistakes Rebooters Make

    YBOP and Reuniting Recovery Advice:
    The Big List of Tips & Tricks
    Drawbacks of Masturbation
    Section One: You Evolved to be Hooked on Porn
    Why Shouldn’t Johnny Watch Porn If He Likes?
    Porn, Novelty, and the Coolidge effect
    Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction Is A Growing Problem
    Has Evolution Trained Our Brains to Gorge on Food and Sex?
    Porn, Novelty, and the Coolidge effect
    The Great Porn Experiment
    What If She Were Always in the Mood?
    When the Internet Is Better Than People
    Section Two: What's Driving Your Addiction?
    Intoxicating Behaviors: 300 Vaginas = A Lot of Dopamine
    Porn Then and Now: Welcome to Brain Training
    Why Do I Find Porn More Exciting Than A Partner?
    Ominous News for Porn Users: Internet Addiction Atrophies Brains
    Recent Internet Addiction Studies Include Porn
    Are You Hooked on Porn? Ask ASAM
    Porn On The Brain
    Protect Your Appetite for Pleasure
    What Porn Users Taught Me
    Kids and Porn: It Ain’t Your Father’s ‘Playboy’
    Section Three: The Effects of Porn on the User
    Dr. Oz Show Investigates Porn-Induced ED
    Porn Recovery and The Mysterious Flatline
    Are Porn Tube Sites Causing Erectile Dysfunction?
    Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction Is A Growing Problem
    Porn Problems: Here Come the Women
    Youthful ED: More to the Story?
    Quitting porn? Prepare for more vibrant emotions
    Young Porn Users Need Longer To Recover Their Mojo
    Was the Cowardly Lion Just Masturbating Too Much?
    Porn, Masturbation and Mojo: A Neuroscience Perspective
    Porn and Perception: Is Your Limbic Brain Distorting Your Vision?
    Can You Trust Your Johnson?
    “How I Recovered from Porn-related Erectile Dysfunction”
    ‘Straight Men, Gay Porn’ and Other Brain Map Mysteries
    Losing at Porn Roulette
    Bill Gates and Better Condoms: Error 404?
    As Porn Goes Up, Performance Goes Down?
    Wiring Sexual Tastes to Hairless Genitals...Oops!
    Exposure Therapy for HOCD?
    No Porn, Better Working Memory?
    Section Four: The Porn Debate
    Toss Your Textbooks: Docs Redefine Sexual Behavior Addictions
    The Other Porn Experiment
    Is there evidence supporting the existence of pornography addiction?
    Porn and DSM-5: Are Sexual Politics At Play?
    The Wages of Sexual-Addiction Politics
    Politics, Porn and Addiction Neuroscience
    Porn, Pseudoscience and ΔFosB
    Exclusion of Internet Porn Addiction Makes No Biological Sense
    Porn Addiction is Not Sex Addiction--And Why It Matters
    DSM-5 Attempts to Sweep Porn Addiction Under the Rug
    Measuring Porn's Effects: What About the Users?
    Porn Study: Does Viewing Explain Doing—Or Not?
    The End of The Porn Debate?
    How can we bring the problem of porn addiction into the mainstream?
    Rethinking Ogas and Gaddam's 'A Billion Wicked Thoughts'
    'A Billion Wicked Thoughts' Is Only A Snapshot:
    Post-Porn Culture
    Teach Porn In Schools?
    Drumroll: An Academic Journal For Porn Fans
    Pornography Consumption Effect Scale: Useful or Not?
    Study: Porn Users Report Narrower Emotional Range
    Section Five: Relationships and Porn
    Guys Who Gave Up Porn: On Sex and Romance
    Porn, Novelty and Dissatisfaction
    Why Is Romeo Ignoring Juliet?
    Boyfriend Quitting Porn? 5 Tips
    Dating A Heavy Porn User?
    Pair Bonding 101: Beware Novelty-As-Aphrodisiac
    Are Pair Bonders More Vulnerable to Addiction?
    Section Six: Masturbation & Ejaculation Articles
    Rethinking the Wonders of Adult Masturbation
    Men: Does Frequent Ejaculation Cause A Hangover?
    Ejaculation: How Often for Good Health?
    Masturbation, Fantasy and Captivity
    WEIRD Masturbation Habits
    The Right Masturbation Advice
    Are You Exiting the Gene Pool Due to Low Sperm Count or ED?
    Vibrators and Other Pleasures: When Moderation Fails
    Woman, Vibrators, and Shaky Sex Research
    Section Seven: Sexuality and the Brain
    Are Sexual Tastes Immutable?
    First Sex: Just The Science Please
    Sexual Fantasy: The More You Scratch the More You Itch
    Do You Need a Chaser After Sex?
    Women: Does Orgasm Give You A Hangover?
    Supersize Orgasms?
    Sex and Morality: A Debate Between Competing Neurons
    New Finding Calls Into Question Assumptions About Sexuality
    Section Eight: Intimate Relationships and the Brain
    Human Brains Are Built to Fall in Love
    Committed Relationship: You’re Wired For It
    Guys: Where Do You Fall on the Monogamy Spectrum?
    How to Talk to Cupid
    The Lazy Way to Stay in Love
    Lovers' Ultimate Sex Hack: Karezza
    Staying in Love Monkey-Style
    Calling All Skin-Hungry Cuddle Sluts
    Can’t She/He See I Need Sex?
    Another Way to Make Love
    Oxytocin, Fidelity and Sex

    PMO-Abstinence Benefits and Success Stories:
    100 Benefits of Quitting PMO
    150+ pages of success stories
    40 Reasons to Stop Watching Porn and Masturbating
    List of benefits (Reddit)
    List of benefits (RSD nation)
    Archive of successful rebooting accounts
    Detailed 1-90 day report with charts
    Synopsis of entire reboot, with mood chart
    90 day reports (Reddit)
    Quitting porn? Prepare for more vibrant emotions
    Guys Who Gave Up Porn: On Sex and Romance
    You know Nofap is working when... (Reddit)
    You know Nofap is working when... (YBR)
    Nofap mega motivator
    43 things - Stop Masturbating Success Stories
    List of great men/women who benefited from seminal conservation
    Graphs representing a member's attempt to reboot
    Experiences with ED and recovery
    PIED Recovery Stories 1
    PIED Recovery Stories 2
    PIED Recovery Stories 3
    PIED Recovery Stories 4
    PIED Recovery Stories 5
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    PIED Recovery Stories 7
    PIED Recovery Stories 8

    PMO-Abstinence Benefits and Success Stories (25-29):
    25 years old success story
    25 years old success story
    25 years old success story
    25 years old success story
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    26 years old success story
    26 years old success story
    27 years old success story
    27 years old success story
    28 years old success story
    28 years old success story

    Websites Dedicated to Rebooting and/or Rewiring:
    YourBrainOnPorn - All about Rebooting, Rewiring and Recovery
    Reuniting.info - All about Rewiring, Karezza, and Intimacy
    Keine Macht Dem Porno (German)

    Forums Relevant for Porn Addiction Recovery:
    Reboot Nation Forum
    Reuniting Porn Addict Subforum
    Reddit - PornFree Subreddit
    Reddit - NoFap Subreddit (100,000 members)
    Chinese No PMO forum (90,000 members)
    Chinese No PMO forum (over 150,000 members)

    Online Recovery Programs:
    Inner Gold Online Treatment Course
    Feed the Right Wolf - Recovery guide
    The PMO-Free Challenge - A 30 day guide
    No Fap Academy

    Blogs Relevant for Porn Addiction Recovery:
    Former Porn Website
    The Reboot Blueprint
    The Sex God Project
    Life After Porn
    My Brain Off Porn
    Building the New
    Just Had Enough
    Shuffling Monkey, Raging Stock
    Return to Existence
    The End Of Porn
    Recovery From Porn and Masturbation
    No Porn, No Masturbation, No Fantasy and No Orgasm
    Damnit, Penis
    Fuck You Dopamine
    Recovering Porn Guy
    Two Boys and Two Flaccid Cocks (Swedish)
    PornAddiction (Hungarian)
    Withdrawal from porn (Polish)
    Free Yourself (Polish)
    Diario di un Mangiatore di Cialis (Italian)
    Stoppmo (French)

    Forum Threads Relevant for Porn Addiction Recovery:
    Underdog's Absolute Must Read Threads (YBR)
    Porn Induced E.D. Explained (YBR)
    The Science Behind Porn Induced E.D. (YBR)
    When did your withdrawals disappear? (YBR)
    MedHelp - Too much porn/masturbation cause ED? (2,800 posts)
    MedHelp - 22 with porn induced erectile dyfunction? (450 posts)
    Cracked.com - The Great Internet Porn-Off, Cont. (6,800 post and growing)
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    Freak.no (Norwegian)
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    Articles Relevant for Porn Addiction Recovery:
    How And Why To Give Up Pornography
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    Masturbation is not healthy for you, contrary to popular belief
    PORN: How giving it up has changed my life - "Naughty Nomad"
    Manosphere: Pornography
    How to go from Willy Wanker to Billy Badass in 1 Easy Step

    Videos Relevant for Porn Addiction Recovery:
    Why I stopped watching porn: Ran Gavrieli at TEDx
    Howcast - Can Porn Addiction be cured?
    Howcast - Why Porn is Addictive?
    TED Talks: The Great Porn Experiment
    Why I started NoFap & Why I'm Never going to Stop
    How to Avoid Relapse on Weekends
    The Secret Key to Success with NoFap: The Master Habit
    Low Energy with NoFap
    Porn RUINED my life
    How to Rewire Desire
    "I just messed up, did I undo all of my progress??"
    Three Tips for Dealing With Urges
    How to Meditate and Process Urges
    How to Stop Fantasizing
    How to Stop Pornography Addiction (The Science of Pornography Addiction)
    Interrupt the Pattern (No Porn Challenge)
    Albert An: No Fap Challenge: Porn Addiction Recovery Journal
    Loneliness triggers Porn Addiction (How to Get in a Relationship)
    No-Fap is Bullshit!? (Overcoming Porn Addiction, No fap challenge)

    Youtube Channels Relevant for Porn Addiction Recovery::
    Albert An
    Brian Johnson
    Elliot Hulse
    InnerGold Counselling Services
    Marnia Robinson
    NoFap Academy
    Sacred Sexuality Project
    The Dman
    The Reboot Nation

    Audio Relevant for Porn Addiction Recovery:
    Craving Crusher (mp3)
    Mental Impotence Healer Program
    Your Brain in the Cybersex Jungle Radio Show
    Help For Pornography & Sexual Addiction - InnerGold's Blog
    Shrink Rap Radio - #374 - Exploring The Impact of Internet Pornography on The Brain with Gary Wilson
    The New Man Podcast 139: Gary Wilson – Is Watching Porn Bad for You?
    Dating Skills Review - How Internet Porn Can Damage Your Inner Game and Sexuality with Gary Wilson
    Compass Of Pleasure - Why Some Things Feel So Good
    GnosticMedia - PC 190 - Gary Wilson on Pornography Addiction
    CBC Radio - Winnipeg Interviews Gary
    BLIS.FM - Pornography in Relationships
    "Talk About Sex" (interview on Santa Fe's KVSF)
    "Super Normal Porn" podcast
    Red Bar Host Mike David Interviews Gary
    Interview with Lindsay McKinnon
    Talk show (Red Bar Radio) about www.yourbrainonporn.com
    Interview with Chris Greene - Irish Radio
    "Latest in Paleo" (weekly podcast) segment on YBOP (starts at 36:10) and excerpts from video series (at 46:30)
    InnerGold's podcast (available via radio apps for iOS and Android)
    Shrink Rap Radio - #152 – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with Elisha Goldstein
    Shrink Rap Radio - #306 – The Now Effect with Elisha Goldstein PhD
    Men's self improvement podcast
    The NoFap Podcast

    Sex Transmutation:
    Converting sexual energy into productive activities
    Sex transmutation guide 1
    Sex transmutation guide 2
    Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich (Sacred Texts ebook)
    Steve Pavlina - Sex Energy

    Decreasing Arousal:
    Signs of over-arousal and how to lower arousal levels
    Diaphragmatic breathing
    Yogic breath of fire

    A concise introduction to meditation
    What are the Benefits of Meditation?
    100 days of meditation report
    The "Meditation Gate" technique: no porn for 10 months and counting!
    Meditation for Beginners - Instructions
    Mindfulness Guided Meditation Free Audio
    Book about everything regarding meditation
    Binaural Beats - help induce a meditative state
    Meditation article
    Zen mind, beginners mind - by Shunryu Suzuki
    Alan Watts talks about Zen Buddhism
    John Daido Loori Roshi gives an introduction speech about Zazen
    Zen Master Taigen Shodo Harada Roshi, talks about Zazen.

    Cold Showers:
    Reasons to have cold showers
    Benefits of Cold Showers
    Cold shower pros, how do you shower?
    Cold Showers are awesome!
    The Extraordinary Benefits of Cold Showers
    Stoicism, Hormesis, and Cold Showers

    Bioenergetic Exercises:
    Breathing and Bioenergetics explanation
    If you relapse, do this, helps tremendously

    Sleep - A new way?
    Polyphasic Society
    Sleep suggestions during the recovery process
    Is it possible to just need 3-4 hours of sleep a night?
    Buying a new mattress to sleep on helped my anxiety more than Nofap!
    Sleeping on the floor


    Increasing Mental Resilience:
    Willpower - Discovering the Greatest Human Strength (PDF)
    The "Porn is NOT an Option" Mindset
    Techniques to retrain the brain
    Letting go of the past
    The difference 1% makes
    30 Days of Discipline
    Never quit
    End Masturbation/Porn Addiction Subliminals
    How to change and ingrain a behaviour
    Tips to strengthen willpower by EFS White
    6 ways to improve willpower

    Life Organisation:
    16 Habits You Should Do Every Day
    Rescue Time

    Overall Life Improvement:

    Intermittent fasting

    Internet Addiction and Mental Health:
    A Remedy for Depression & Anxiety (audio)
    How is Facebook Addiction Affecting Our Minds?
    Some useful sites to help you fight internet addiction
    List of things we can do instead of browsing the Internet
    How do I cope with loneliness?
    An Existential View Of Loneliness
    Philosophy And Depression

    Internet Web Protection:
    Delayed Gratification app (Chrome)
    Leechblock app (Firefox)
    Self Control app (Mac)
    K9 Web Protection
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  2. Ryan94

    Ryan94 Began my life again on 21/03/2014 - Nowruz

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★

    This thread is for checking in monthly with your spreadsheet screenshots. If this thread was in the groups section, it would sink into obscurity after a month of no updates, so many people would forget to update. If both threads were merged, then i think it would look too messy. It's more orderly if everyone's spreadsheet screenshots are in the same place and hence easy to compare.
  3. Ryan94

    Ryan94 Began my life again on 21/03/2014 - Nowruz

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★

    Good idea. I'll do that.

    I'm not sure why you can't send PM's to me. I'll have a look at my account settings, so check again later - i certainly didn't block you!
  4. DanHibiki

    DanHibiki Member

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★

    I would've like to participate, but idea of typing each day into spreadsheet is kinda annoying to me. Maybe there's alternative where you could enter data with just few mouse clicks.

    And btw - great idea, great post! I didn't mean to criticize other parts, because I've been looking for this since the past year. And finally someone made it happen. All these graphics, data - looks nice, I just don't like the way how you have to enter the result.

    Ryan94 Thanks for the efforts, I hope it'll help to encourage other members to rewire for real.
  5. Ryan94

    Ryan94 Began my life again on 21/03/2014 - Nowruz

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★

    Hey DanHibiki, thanks for the comment. Though i'm not sure why you deem it so complicated. I tried to make it as simple as possible, considering dating isn't all that straightforward.

    All you need to do is type '1' under approaches if you made 1 approach. Or type '2' if you made 2 approaches, etc. I've added all the necessary formulae and formatting to make the rest as simple as possible, so i'm not sure how i can make it easier. I think you're thinking it's more complicated than it actually is- why not try it out and see how you go?
  6. Ryan94

    Ryan94 Began my life again on 21/03/2014 - Nowruz

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★

    Group thread and Main thread have been merged. Open discussions and daily updates are now allowed on this thread ;D
  7. Ryan94

    Ryan94 Began my life again on 21/03/2014 - Nowruz

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★

    I think smiling at her when just the two of you are there alone with each other for a prolonged period of time is a bit weird. Smiling at her is (imho) mainly used to get the attention of a girl you can't immediately approach because of heavy public pressure (e.g. On a crowded train). When it's just the two of you alone, you just got to smile at her quickly but prioritise on going there and say hi!

    Smiling is kind of hard to pull off right without looking creepy. Practise a lot, but when you smile at a girl, keep your mouth closed. Showing teeth in your smile really takes out the mystery and allure in a man's smile (again, only imho). Make your smile a bit subtle, you don't want to look like you're going to burst into laughter- but to show you find her interesting and intriguing.

    Lastly, look to her using the side of your eyes, and make sure she notices. Staring at her with your face fully looking at her looks really creepy. So what i do is just look over her eyes for a split second and then look into the distance. This will usually cause her to notice me and turn around. What's important here is that you must make it seem that she looked at you first before you looked at her. It sets the precedent of her chasing you. When she turns her head to look at you, she will only look at you for a second or less, so timing is important in this stage. Just when she's about to look at you, turn your head slightly (and slowly!) and return her gaze. Look straight between her eyes using the corner of your eyes and smile softly, with the smile extending more on one side than the other. Then say hi (she will never speak first!).

    You can apply this to any situation. But when there's more distactions, practise on making it seem more noticeable to her while still staying smooth and controlled.

    This is all my experience after so many approaches, so take from that what you will. Hope it is useful for you and you can use it to approach women soon :)
  8. Psalm 51:2

    Psalm 51:2 Wash away all my iniquity, cleanse me from my sin.

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★

    Dang 500 unique approaches in 10 months?? That sounds like a full time job ;D
  9. DanHibiki

    DanHibiki Member

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★

    It's just because I don't have MS Excel, or any other office-type apps, and because I'm quite lazy. Though I think I'll give it a try it on google docs.

    Smiling actually is very good, if you have balls to do it, you can gauge girl's response, and if she smiles back, you can go for an approach if you want.My problem is that I think this may looks creepy, dang it's a great idea, should do it myself.
  10. Ryan94

    Ryan94 Began my life again on 21/03/2014 - Nowruz

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★

    Oh fair enough. I'm not sure whether it'll work on google docs. I'll add you to the challenge anyway.
    As you don't have MS excel, then keeping track of your approaches, numbers, dates, etc with a pen and paper will suffice. Just post the amount of approaches you made, numbers you got, dates you had, etc at the end of each month.
  11. stars

    stars New Member

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★

    I know what that's like! Been there many times. There seems to be a connection between the addiction and the nervousness and hesitation factor.

    One other thing, I can't speak for others, but for those with me seeking intimacy without a properly consecrated marriage is not appropriate under our law. You would only hurt yourself further, quite badly actually and I have already, though it can be forgiven but there is always a price. I admit I have stumbled more than I would like but I'm back now and the past is the past. I'm thankful that trust can be established again or I would be finished without mercy.

    Other than this I think this idea has some potential to encourage people to be more outgoing.
  12. Ryan94

    Ryan94 Began my life again on 21/03/2014 - Nowruz

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★

    Today is the day to post your spreadsheets for february!
  13. stars

    stars New Member

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★

    starting my spreadsheet today for this month.
  14. Ryan94

    Ryan94 Began my life again on 21/03/2014 - Nowruz

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★

    Added you to the list- good luck!
  15. stars

    stars New Member

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★


    Missed an opportunity today. A good looking girl in front of me walking down park area in a nice dress, I wasn't sure if I should whistle at her or not, but on reflection I think I should have just to let her know. It is appropriate to whistle at someone you like? I think it is if you do it in the right way.
  16. aristotle

    aristotle Member

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★

    This sounds like an interesting idea, but I have social anxiety and I get panick attacks when trying to approach girls. Also, I have no clue how to approach girls or where to go to approach girls other than bars & clubs. I need some resources explaining exactly how to go about approaching girls, what to say exactly, how to tell if a girl is open to being approached, and where to find girls to approach.

    Also what about dating sites? Does sending a message to a girl count as an approach?
    Or speed dating events?
  17. stars

    stars New Member

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★

    I have had the same issue. This is what I noticed when you quit masturbating something changes in you. The social anxiety starts to fade and you get this motivation to approach girls. I'm starting to think that the condition is caused by the addiction mostly, it's destroys your confidence and self esteem somehow.

    In terms of where to go or what to do. I would advise against 'player' advice. It's not exactly cold science that you can calculate or plan it so much. There is these tony robin type people that make a tone of money of people like us when we are desperate. Truth is we don't need advice, cause it's inbuilt when you get in touch with your masculinity again, you feel what to do and what is appropriate. But as a man I think we need to realize that we are required to be assertive but respectful. Not timid, but not rude. We are the ones expected to act.

    It's also easier to meet girls from within your sphere of activity rather than going to random clubs. You organize your life where you having regular community things going on, or your job. And you are then naturally surrounded by people with a common ground. From there you can make friends and know tones of people and branch out. The only time you meet random girls at clubs I have noticed is when you are already out with friends, then it can sometimes happen by chance. Things like going to the gym or library regular even, or the local pool or beach. Events ect. None of this really helps much unless you have your life structured around opportunities to meet people. It's not really a case of just going out randomly and picking someone up. Doesn't usually work that way, and for us it's almost impossible to pull something like that off.

    I use to have this strange notion in my mind that all girls want to run away from someone trying to approach them. That usually isn't realistic and it doesn't help me clearly. I have started to realize the more realistic view that women actually want to be approached and they like it. It doesn't really matter who you are, anyone can do it.
  18. stars

    stars New Member

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★

    I didn't have the balls to say hi to her behind her back, she had earphones on so probably couldn't even hear me haha. I would say a big no to speed dating or online dating mostly because it really comes across as something fairly lost people do. Would you consider your wife secure and capable if you met her at a speed dating or online dating site? I would say that in itself is not a good foundation to look from. It's not needed in my opinion.
  19. Ryan94

    Ryan94 Began my life again on 21/03/2014 - Nowruz

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★

    Whistling is absolutely not appropriate. A woman would like to be approached like a woman, not like she was a dog. But it's okay, we're all learners here.

    Smile when you see her. If she smiles back or looks down before you approach her and say hi, you're golden (if she quickly looks to the side, it's 50/50, if she looks up, expect little from her).
  20. Ryan94

    Ryan94 Began my life again on 21/03/2014 - Nowruz

    Re: ★ The 2014 25-29 Rewiring Thread ★

    I totally sympathise with you if you feel you're at a disadvantage based on your past experiences (like panic attacks). The cause of these panic attacks is that the mind just isn't used to situations where you're approaching women. The brain interprets novel situations as potential threats. Approaching a woman could lead to you being publicly embarressed, or her big boyfriend/admirer getting jealous and beating you up (all very unlikely. Women always avoid confrontation if they don't know you well). So your body goes into a flight-or-fight response with a lot of adrenaline being produced at that moment.
    This will happen a few times at the beginning, so i'm afraid you'll just have to brave it through. Try breathing deep, slow breaths before you do so, count down from 5 and once you reach 0, just go there and approach her.
    Your mind is your greatest enemy when you're trying to improve. It doesn't want you to improve. It wants you to stay in safe, comfortable zone of average and survive. Improvement means risk and potential damage/discomfort, which goes against the brain's fight for survival. Though i suppose you would have found this out already from your experiences with porn.

    It doesn't matter if you feel difficulty from this. You just have to adapt the mindset of not quitting no matter what. I have a type of dyslexia which means I have a slow processing speed which makes conversation very difficult for me. I got around this through speech classes, public speaking and lots of practice. But that all counted for naught when i began approaching women and i went through that fight-or-flight experience.

    It gets much better after a while though. Eventually, your brain realises that these experiences are probably not going to lead to your death, even if you make a few mistakes (like riding a bike i suppose). And approaching a woman just becomes second nature and very exciting and enjoyable.
    Most guys never get to the point of comfort with women because they quit after their experience of flight-or-fight. They try to take easy ways out through trying to date the women at work (who the brain sees as familiar and hence not high-risk), internet dating or other means.

    Dating sites are an absolute no-no. You will find no love from the internet (not an absolute rule- just take this as a guideline). This whole thread would be pointless if it was just about finding women. The main purpose of this thread is to rewire in a healthy and proactive way that makes you into a better, rounded and more confident man. This is done by socialising and interacting and hence becoming more familiar with women (rewiring). Getting into a relationship/sex is just a welcome by-product.

    Speed dating is kind of like living on dust if you want to lose weight, or becoming a hermit if you want to quit internet addicton. It may give you results, but neither the results nor the process really improves you or solves your original problem (here: social anxiety and fear of meeting women). It just sweeps it under the carpet.
    80% of the women you meet in speed dating aren't going to be the ideal woman you'll want for a long term relationship. They're likely to have baggage from bad experiences with past relationships. So for those reasons, speed dating is out (do it if you want by all means and share your experiences on here if you wish, but i don't see it as an 'approach').

    In regards to articles or other material to help you approach, a lot of stuff out there (Pick up material in particular) is a bit poisonous for people here. It puts far too much emphasis on finding a girl and manipulating her to have sex with within the first few days of meeting her (they all deny manipulation techniques are involved, but it basically is what it is).
    Not only is the type of girl who falls for this not ideal for a relationship (likely insecure women or nymphomaniacs who create instability), but they totally miss the important act of setting the foundations for a happy and understanding relationship. The first 60 days will set the tone of the relationship and how she will see you forever. During that time, you want her to always be chasing you, building trust and a good understanding of each other.
    Sex on the other hand satisfies, it does not excite afterwards. You'll want to save this for the end and draw this out as long as possible if you feel she's Miss Right, to the point where her interest level is at it's maximum and she's almost demanding you to sleep with her. Then she is yours.

    It is my opinion that Pick up techniques will just convert people here into sex addicts. Totally missing the idea of building a loving relationship. What works for rewiring with a pretty but romantically unsuitable girl, will not work for rewiring with Miss Right.
    A system of incorporating the two (a method of effectively rewiring with a girl if she's romantically unsuitable while able to create the foundations of a healthy relationship if she's Miss right) was difficult to find, but i did find something. I will put this material up sometime this month, so keep checking this thread for updates.

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