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  1. Klaiver

    Klaiver In the way to victory!

    This thing is pretty old man! Is there any mod to organize another rewiring stuff or at least changing the OP's post to just show his content?
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    Please add me to the league! I would love to join. Also great links!
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    I would like to be added to the league. I struggle frequently with M only rarely with P. I hope that I can have more accountability by joining this website. I want to be purer to serve God better and to die to the flesh that I may live in the spirit.
  4. susheelramadoss

    susheelramadoss i am 21 and trying to quit this habit

    i wish to join the rewiring league
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    Hope this is still going on, sign me up!!!
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    I'm in !
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    Hoping this league is still ongoing? Join me up if so !
  8. GoingPrimal

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    Also interested in joining if the league is still up.
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    I want to join this.
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    It doesn't look like this is still a thing.. but if it is I'd love to sign up!
  11. Godhelpme17

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    I would really like to be apart of this. I'm on a mission to rewire and reboot from pornography. Please message me on how to become apart of this
  12. pacificus

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    Hi, I also want to take part in this 20-24 Rewiring League. I'm determined to reboot my brain and sever all the tentacles that porn has stuck on my brain for too long. As long as it takes, I'm willing to devote this whole 2016 to battle and regain my self-control over my sexuality. Look forward to your message. Px.
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    I would like to sign up
  14. JourneyToFreedom93

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    Please sign me up
  15. bluebullet

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    I want to join this league thanks
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    I'd like to join the league as well!
  17. DareToShine

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    I think this could really help me, sign me up :D
  18. SteveFrench

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    Hey there, just made an account today. Really interested to see if this league is still going strong. If so count me in!
  19. Kay

    Kay Embrace the process

    I'm in
  20. chappiebloke123

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    I'm keen to join too :)

    Fellas, I've been dealing with pornography induced ED for a number of years now.. but I never could hit the nail on the head for the reasons because my anxiety, insecurity and depression.

    Let me give you a bit of context about my life. I had a relatively normal childhood, and I admit I grew up very privileged. I sometimes didn't appreciate what I had going for me.
    I'm not trying to parade around some sort of sense of superiority, but reading a lot of stories about peoples experiences I feel one of the few.

    I grew up as a very curious boy, video gaming sort of ruined my life, I was obsessed with it for 4-5 years. Even though I was a very athletic sports star with high grades, friends, musically talented, I was addicted to gaming. I had everything, yet I still felt unfulfilled. I wasn't able to socially connect with females in a relationship sense.

    One day I just stopped gaming, and my obsession turned to fitness, gym and aesthetics. Still good grades, jock of the school, sports star, partying every weekend blah blah blah...yet after many interactions with females I was unable to get an erect penis. Sounds silly doesn't it, but its incredibly demotivating for your self to have that problem. I have tried to kill myself and am seeking counselling for my anxiety and depression.

    At 20, I have been a nerd, a dork, a jock, a scholar, a musician, a dropkick/druggie, a hard worker, lazy, and grew up with 2 parents who should have got divorced but couldn't afford to who were completely opposite and from opposite backgrounds (one very rich, the other very poor), so I have had times not knowing if we are going to have food for the next meal, and times where money hasn't been an issue. (I also was educated at the most expensive schools in the country which I received scholarships too).

    The point of all that, is to say I have been exposed to a variety of experiences, and I know what it is like to feel excluded, hopeless, useless, anxious, horrible... believe me. There's always a way out though. I could never figure out what was making me feel all these bad feelings.

    Finally, it was my masturbation habits. I was watching normal porn for a number of years , frequently and more frequently. I knew this wasn't me and who I was as an outgoing, confident and charismatic young 20 year old (starting watching porn around 11/12years old, and masturbating at age 9. I've never had any crazy fetishes or anything like that, (luckily).

    I haven't watched porn for a number of months now. My life has drastically improved since then. I still masturbate occasionally, but no where near as much as others. I think that masturbation is a normal sexual function and should be done in moderation, to imagination. I have had about 12 sexual experiences with girls over the years, only 2 of which I was able to get hard during... I'm yet to have another sexual experience since my cutting of porn but I sense it is not far.

    I will outline some tips that I have taken to aid myself in this process.


    - You need to ween yourself off porn first. Recognise that you have an issue. Watching people perform unrealistic sex hours on end, is not a normal way to express your sexual desire. If you cut it completely, like a smoker, it doesn't work well. Your brain cannot adjust to such a change. All it takes are little steps each time- discipline is like a muscle, you have to train it to get stronger.
    Start by cutting your porn use 50% of what you normally would, and every month or 2, cut it further. Get porn blocking extensions. Tell your friends (not in detail) that you are cutting out porn from your life, a support group, despite them not knowing exactly what is going on, is vital.
    - Every time you have an urge to have a wank/watch porn, and you suppress it, RECORD it. I draw a tally on my hand, so that I can POSITIVELY reinforce when I do well- that is the key to not relapsing. It will work a lot better than scalding yourself and getting angry if you were to slip...


    -find another hobby and pursue a fitness/ health orientated lifestyle. It will work wonders in the pursuit of better your health and other peoples- which is what is important at the end of the day.

    -I still feel masturbation is allgood in moderation if you are willing and attempting to expose yourself to sexual partners. Having said that, your brain can become wired to only getting erect when sitting at desk/bed position, with laptop etc... VARY how you masturbate, the speed and grip, where you do it and how. I found that purchasing a fleshlight was amazing for this. Instead of masturbating with my hand I practised on the fleshlight. (NOTE: Do not become reliant on the fleshlight as a means for your sexual relief as this will put you back at square 1).
    It helped me get used to not using my hand in a specific way every time to orgasm.

    This is a very serious issue in society, and will only get worse as technology expands. The best way to counter this, is educate, educate, educate. Yourselves, and others.

    When you feel down and depressed, put your life in context. If you can read, eat, have a roof over your head and access to clean water you are better than 80% of the world. Don't forget that. It's too easy to get caught up in the insignificance of your problems in light of a broader context.

    Teach others, I am going to sign up for a mentoring programme to help younger kids who have been abused etc.
    Having someone who looks up to you, and teaching, is the BEST way you can improve your overall quality of life. Even if you feel like shit and that no one looks after you or cares about you. It's a shame when you're in a position to help others (which we all are) and you don't.

    (Anyone who is interested: "the scout mindset", research it. It helped immensely with my self awareness and figuring out what is important in life, which funnily enough I feel is not money, or amazing grades, or incredible sporting talent, but balance, curiosity, awareness and most importantly dedicating yourself to a bigger picture- for some this is God, Science, Family, etc. etc. I still haven't found mine yet.
    Global warming, Food shortage, Diseases, Overpopulation, Extremist terrorist groups, and Greed are what need to be fixed.

    So when you want to have a little wank, or feel bad about yourself and pity, just think about what really needs to be done in the world and how you can contribute to that.
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