★ The 20-24 Rewiring League ★

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by Ryan94, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. Ryan94

    Ryan94 Began my life again on 21/03/2014 - Nowruz

    Re: ★ The 2014 20-24 Rewiring Thread ★

    Hey Poseidon, i added you :)

    Basically, enter the number of approaches you made that day into the 'no. of unique approaches' row, no matter what the outcome.
    If you didn't get anywhere (didn't get her contact details or make a date), then add the number of times that happened that day in the 'unable to close' row.

    If you got her number, but you couldn't progress to meeting her on a date,enter the amount of times this happened, on the day you approached her (e.g. If you approached her on monday, arrangedca date for friday, but she didn't turn up, then add '1' to the 'ending with the exchange of numbers row' under monday's date.

    The rest should be quite self-explanatory.

    I understand if it's a bit complicated. I'm working on a better system right now.
  2. melonhead

    melonhead New Member

    Re: ★ The 2014 20-24 Rewiring Thread ★

    Hey, I signed up to ask you if you can add me to the challenge? It would be much appreciated - thanks! :D
  3. Ryan94

    Ryan94 Began my life again on 21/03/2014 - Nowruz

    Re: ★ The 2014 20-24 Rewiring Thread ★

    Added. Good luck Melonhead!

    Let us know how you got on, on the first of the next month. I'm sure you'll be a success.
  4. Aaron92

    Aaron92 New Member

    Re: ★ The 2014 20-24 Rewiring Thread ★

    This sounds good- hope I can get rewiring my brain soon :)
    Does anyone else practice meditation?
  5. Ryan94

    Ryan94 Began my life again on 21/03/2014 - Nowruz

    Re: ★ The 2014 20-24 Rewiring Thread ★

    Hey Aaron, thanks for the comment. Would you like me to sign you up?
  6. Ryan94

    Ryan94 Began my life again on 21/03/2014 - Nowruz

    Re: ★ The 2014 20-24 Rewiring Thread ★

    Just writing here to inform everyone that the Resource section has been through a major update.
  7. misterady

    misterady New Member

    Re: ★ The 2014 20-24 Rewiring Thread ★

    Hy guys...so in my journey of 40+ days without porn,masturbation and orgasms, naturally occured the desire to go out and be more sociable...without wanting or struggling. My social skills are improving with little steps,slowly and its not linear, BUT its going on the right direction. I am not so afraid to talk to girls, the anxiety is diminished and I see that I am able to actually listen them and to look at them like real womens not like object or something like that. Yesterday I was very horny,I had urges all day but I managed it...and now comes the funny thing. Comes the night and a girl writes to me on FB with who I talk now and then (I am not atracted to the girl or these stuffs, I am fine with myself) and told me that she would like to watch a movie so I invited her.Naturally I became relaxed and confident and also consciously looking and improving my body language...so we and up teasing,hugging,kissing each other. That all...and it was fine this way. I know that this happend mostly because she had a 5 year relationship and broke up and now she is leaving the life, experiencing and so on...we had a good time and nothing less nothing more. It was nice.
    So bottom line my experience is that if you quit porn and even masturbation you naturally tend to became more social,more opend and of course your anxiety dimished and the oprotunities are coming...you dont have to struggle or to do this or that...just let it happen..oh and be aware and control your urges.
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  8. Wow, resource list is friggin stellar. Props, Ryan94.

    Is this still ongoing? Definitely down to join. Given my living situation, daily contact with beautiful women is logistically tough, but will do my best.
  9. Jakovasaur_2019

    Jakovasaur_2019 Life is like a game of chess.

    After changing the K9 password and throwing the password away, I'm in.

    I did it so that I couldn't fiddle with the settings, which is what I did for the past four days.

    As a result, I ended up edging each day, but never orgasming, and on the fifth day, my orgasm was weak.
  10. GoingPrimal

    GoingPrimal Age 20. A New Life

    Wow that resource section is impressive! Good work. I'll definitely be referencing back through it a lot during my reboot.
  11. Deliverance

    Deliverance New Member

    I'm jumping on this bandwagon if people are still doing it (noticing that no one's posted in this topic since May...). I need all the extra help I can get.
  12. Bakez

    Bakez Time to get on top on life. Focus on knowledge.

    I am new here. Tried NoFap but I don't really get how reddit works. I'd love to sign up. Would be great for me. I am sick of not being able to finish while having sex with my gf. I want to change. I want my life back!

    Count me in!

    Thanks Luke.
  13. shaza98

    shaza98 New Member

    I'd like to participate as well. Better to spend my time learning about PMO and how to beat it than nothing else.
  14. chetangangappa

    chetangangappa New Member

    Hi guys, new to this forum and I have a huge goal to accomplish, looking forward to interacting with you guys...
  15. alelline90

    alelline90 New Member

    how old is this?

    can I get in on it?
  16. analogue0

    analogue0 New Member

    Hey all,
    I'm new to the site, how do you join a rewiring group?

  17. Mittalmar

    Mittalmar New Member

    Great list! :)
  18. iwillwin

    iwillwin New Member

    i too need to signup...

    it is not race won but how you run that matters and i am not gonna give up
  19. chetangangappa

    chetangangappa New Member

    I wanna sign up, please ...
  20. badboy113

    badboy113 New Member

    sign me up please

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