★★★ The Underdog Challenge ★★★ [FEBRUARY]

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by TheUnderdog, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. picats3141

    picats3141 Active Member

    That sucks...I guess most guys here dislike the abstract, i.e. recovery and actively changing your life, but they appreciate the concrete, i.e. nofap and going 90 days or whatever. It's truly a shame.
  2. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    Hey picats, there will be a whole new forum section for that in the near future.
  3. Florian

    Florian New Member

  4. SwimAddict

    SwimAddict New Member

    Anyone still going on this? I'm currently 9 clean 16 failed this really forced me to acknowledge that I have an internet problem!
  5. goingforward

    goingforward Keep calm and carry on!

    I've made 12 days in there. I think we're all having. a difficult time withing 2 hours w/out internet at morning
  6. Zellomugi

    Zellomugi Guest

    Good job
  7. SwimAddict

    SwimAddict New Member

    Pretty sad huh if you think about it? And the whole time you're just counting down the seconds until internet time is back...
  8. TheNthAddict

    TheNthAddict New Member

    I have admittedly not been doing this challenge because the early morning is the only time of day when I have the net to myself, thus the only time when I can reasonably do the more demanding tasks (No, I'm not using the early morning hours to PMO. I realize that kinda sounded like that, but that is not what I meant) without my family complaining about me hogging the entire line to myself (Our internet-connection is awful)... That said I have been doing something similar; Keeping my PC off until I've finished my usual morning practices. Which is to say, wake up at 7:30, brush my teeth, take a shower, do the laundry, eat breakfast, read a few pages of some helpful book (at the moment, traffic rules, as I'm trying to get my drivers' license at last) and then do some pushups. All this typically takes somewhere between an hour to an hour an a half, so while I'm not specifically waiting till 10 to switch on my computer, I am trying to not use it first thing in the morning anyway.

    ...I have not been keeping track of how many days I've done this, but I believe I've only broken that schedule like, four or five times in total this month. And I'm not really treating it like a challenge anyway, more like just, a habit I'm trying to get into.
  9. Cozmo

    Cozmo Member

    very good idea, dont open it before 10AM
    close it at 10PM
  10. I completely fell off the last few days. But im willing to get on it again with a new challenge for march.
    Most of the days in this month i did allright, but i´m not happy with the overall use. I got a million excuses ready to just go to the computer again. And i never made it to closing it at least an hour before bed.

    I think this addiction is affecting my life more negatively that anything else. It even outweights all the positive things im doing.
    More extreme methods are needed. Clear rules and punishments.
    Sounds crazy but that´s what it is.
  11. goingforward

    goingforward Keep calm and carry on!

    I think it's time to summarise.

    I had 14 days passed and 14 failed.

    Next month will be better.
  12. SwimAddict

    SwimAddict New Member

    Ended up 11 days clean 17 failed. Because I had school I had to allow ipad use for SCHOOL STUFF ONLY, as our school uses ebooks instead of books. This made it harder if anything, the most successful days were the ones where we didn't use the ipad and I turned it off.

    I was clean 39% of the time, and this was pretty consistent regardless of if I relapsed to P or not. (36% success on relapse days 41% on non relapse days) Seeing that has come as a surprise!

    On days where I abstained, I was more likely to internet binge later (I'll start tracking this for next month)
  13. Naandrew

    Naandrew Guest

    For the record I did 19 clean and 9 failed
  14. I think I should apply this challenge to my daily habit. It would be beneficial to me because of the nature of my work, I can still get work done without the internet. Let's seeeee.

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