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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by guntrex, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. WhirlwindTobias

    WhirlwindTobias Man Against Mediocrity

    I think counters are the best method and spreadsheets are arbitrary, pointless and stupid.
    Oh :( :(

    Okay, being serious now. I think both methods have their pro's and cons.

    Using a spreadsheet would be pointless for me, because it would just be full of green squares. But there are some examples where it would be really useful for other people. Here are a few that come to mind.

    User A abstains for the most of a month, maybe even longer but relapses on let's say, the 30th. 31st, his counter reads 1 day, he makes an informative post but his credibility is immediately put to critique because he relapsed yesterday. It doesn't matter about his previous run, all that matters is his counter is on one day.


    User B can't stop relapsing. In fact it's as if he's barely trying. With a counter, it is always around 1-2 days. This is an issue, because you and himself will never see his relapse history. He might even be compared to user A above; even though their abilities contrast. With a spreadsheet, his consistent relapses are clear as day to both himself and other users. Seeing a tonne of red boxes (or whatever colour you're using) might instigate more change than if his counter was simply hovering around the same no.
  2. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    It doesn't even have to be like that.

    I would argue that spreadsheets are mandatory for those who are consistently unable to get past 2-3 weeks.

    Like the hundreds of members who have already failed and we're not even 10 days into the new year.
  3. BrEak-Free

    BrEak-Free Member

    hmm counter or spreadsheet ?? Why not both 8)

    I can use the both can i ?
  4. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    Of course you can!
  5. wojtekoxx

    wojtekoxx One-armed bandit

    Why do you sigh, Underdog
    I see no results since August, and it was my 40 days streak. Since October I masturbate rougly every 4-5 days, with no porn, with facebook pictures of real women tho and I see no progress at all.
    But I kinda know that when I relapse and see this (avg times per day) or (you masturbate once per x days) calculed number I don't binge. I forgot if it's included in your spreadsheet but it seems the best part of it.
    I hate to be worse than orgasm between each 5 days, because I've read somewhere that there is a rule of (age divided by 5) days between them for neutral energy and everything better is progress.
  6. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    Because people assume that a spreadsheet is going to make them masturbate more often than they are right now, without even giving it a try.

    It's just a way to keep track of how many times you're orgasming.

    It's a tracking method. That's all.

    And it can be very helpful.
  7. I think counters are useless if you keep relapsing, do not take note of those relapses and only focus on the number of the days of the present counter. But i think most people are sorta aware of how many times they relapse. I remember recently going on streaks of 8, 10 and 9 days and thinking "I've gone from fapping every single day, to fapping 3 times in a month. That's a nice progress!". I didn't have a spreadsheet, but being aware of my previous streaks i was able to look at my relapses with a different mindset.

    But i'm liking the spreadsheet, it's way more organized and allows you to look at your progress (or lack thereof...) for an extended period of time. And if you are on a streak and want to count the days you can just count them out, it's not that hard to do. I guess counters are more a source of pride (and motivation for others) for when you are on a longer streak.
  8. Depends on what are columns in your spreadsheet. It would be not so pointless if you set up "O" column or "WD" or "Physical intimacy" like you have in counter and mark them green when you had one and red by default. Then it might just be full of red squares.

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