Feb 20, 2012
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    1. Aussie2
      Hey UD! im back - would love to catch up with you were my rock back in the day,hope all is well with you my friend.
    2. patrep12345
      Hey underdog you seem like someone who could help my situation is this where I could talk to you? I been very depressed past week, was hoping you could provide light to my situation. I will tell you my story after you reply. Thanks.
    3. Endeavour
      Hi Underdog,
      Technical question. If an account is deleted are all the posts contained in it deleted as well or do they remain?
      1. YourBrainRebalanced
        You have to delete your posts individually.
        Oct 19, 2017
    4. Boxer17
      Or respond to someone else or begin a journal. Please forgive if I am sending this to the wrong person. Or to the wrong place. You were the first place I saw when I logged in. Maybe point me in the right direction to get started. Thank you in advance for your help
    5. Boxer17
      Hi. I'm new here. How do I post something?
    6. Guy_Stewart
      Hey TheUnderdog -- my journal is I Need A Community To Help; my other name is guystewart... my journal is suddenly gone. Do you know how I can get it back?
    7. Deleted User
      Deleted User
      Hey there, could you share an example of a life vision written out? I've wrote quite some stuff but I'm kinda clueless on how to structure everything.
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    I usually don't reply to private messages unless they are urgent or related to technical issues (such as deleting a thread, moving a journal, banning a spammer, etc).