Jul 21, 2014
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    From the hackbook EasyPeasyWay. - inspired by Allen Carr's EasyWay methods to use for quitting PMO

    "There are certain essential points and it is necessary to get them clear in your mind before you start.
    1. Realize that you can achieve it. There is nothing different about you, and the only person who can make you PMO is you. Not that star, she would never in her dreams thought about herself being used for reducing a man’s virility.
    2. There is absolutely nothing to give up. On the contrary, there are enormous positive gains to be made, I do not only mean you will be healthier and richer. I mean you will enjoy the good times more and be less miserable during the bad times.
    3. Get it clear in your head that there is no such thing as a peek or visit. PMOing is a drug addiction and a chain reaction. By moaning about the odd PMO you will only be punishing yourself needlessly.
    4. See the whole business of PMOing not as a ‘boys will be boys’ habit that might injure you but as drug addiction. Face up to the fact that, whether you like it or not, YOU HAVE GOT THE DISEASE. It will not go away because you bury your head in the sand. Remember: like all crippling diseases, it not only lasts for life but gets worse and worse. The easiest time to cure it is now.
    5. Separate the disease (i.e. the brain chemical addiction) from the frame of mind of being a PMOer or a non-PMOer. All PMOers, if given the opportunity to go back to the time before they became hooked, would jump at that opportunity. You have that opportunity today! Don't even think about it as 'giving up' PMOing. "