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Apr 26, 2022
    1. sirrus12
      I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your hack book. I was addicted to porn for 12 years and tried to quit for about 5 years. I am finally free thanks to you. Now, my life is infinitely more enjoyable in so many aspects that it's hard hard for me to comprehend sometimes. I no longer have urges for PMO or even MO. Whenever I am reminded of porn now, I just laugh and am incredibly relieved.
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    2. Guest
      P.S. I forgot to mention, I approached Easyway in 2013 regarding adapting Carr's Method and again in January 2017 - around the time your book appeared!
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      2. le_petit_moster
        Thank You Mike... Truly appreciate it. I wish you well. I am sorry I don't share personal email ids. But can respond to any questions you might have. Cheers.
        Sep 14, 2017
    3. Guest
      I wanted to share with you my correspondence with Easyway for your information - do you have an email address I can contact you with (as there is a 420 character limit to this message). Very best regards,Mike
    4. Guest
      What you have produced is perhaps the SINGLE MOST important contribution to 'the porn debate' and, I know from my own experience, that your Hack Book will free more people than ANYTHING else currently on-line. I cannot thank you enough for, firstly, having the belief to complete this work, and secondly; taking the time, effort and dedication to complete this Hack Book.
    5. Guest

      Great Job on the Hack Book!!!!!!! I too adapted Allen Carr's Method to porn - just seeing your book reconfirmed to me that his method is applicable to ALL addictions - I think you have done a superb job and am grateful to read your work.
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    6. Ali909
      Hi le_petit_moster, I couldn't get myself to read your hack book for weeks so I decided to use Siri and listen to it while at work.I know that your hack book still hasn't sinked in because i started pmoing again today three times. I just wanted your support. I'm 24 and this is really getting to me. I hope you will communicate with me and help me to be free of pmo. I will let you know about my progress.
    7. NatureHeals
      1. le_petit_moster
        Dear Nature... thank you for the invite. I will join and help and get helped as much as I can.
        You are dong a great job your self as well.
        And wishing you well on your journey .
        Jan 27, 2017
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    PS: I've written a ******** based on a very effective method. It does not use the Willpower method or scare tactics or brain science for quitting.