Posting Policies

Forum Posting Policies

Your Brain Rebalanced's Forum Posting Polices should be read, agreed to, and followed prior to writing posts on our forums. These policies are in addition to the Medical Disclaimer, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy, all which are linked to in the footer menu(s). Many of these rules have been informally enforced since the creation of this website in 2012, but for the sake of community transparency and universal rule enforcement, we are formally publishing these rules so that "I didn't know" is no longer an excuse :)

We do NOT allow:

1. Pornography to be posted. Anybody posting porn will be immediately permanently banned from the forum. This includes sexualized media, such as swimsuit photos, that are intended to elicit a sexual response. We also don't allow body-part focused imagery, such as foot-focused photos, armpits, etc, or photos that reveal areolas in both men and women.

2. Discriminatory material. Sweeping, generalizing negative statements and judgement against demographics of people, especially based on nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, etc, will not be tolerated. We're all here to quit porn together. Divisive rhetoric divides the community. If in doubt, aim for inclusivity, even beyond "protected classes." For example, try not to shame poor people, rich people, people who use porn, nonreligious people, etc.

3. Advertising or self-promotion of any kind. Even if your initiative is useful and great, we're a small, tight-knit community, and we don't want this place to turn into a Twitter feed of people self-promoting their own initiatives. We believe that it isn't good for community health. We want our community members to stay here and not feel uncomfortable with people constantly bombarding them with ads or subtle marketing. Long-term users will likely be warned, but new users immediately banned if the moderators believe that the only reason they are here is to advertise. Any attempts to evade this rule will also be met with a ban, such as posting on behalf of an associate or asking users to post on your behalf. If your primary reason for being here is to post links to your initiative or links about your initiative, you should reconsider your participation. This may include other websites, books, e-books, courses, videos, apps, YouTube channels, etc.

4. Unsolicited academic research, market research, surveys, casting calls, or other initiatives that request data, personal information, or contact information from our users. If you want to do something like this, get in touch with Your Brain Rebalanced using the contact information located in the website footer for our consideration.

5. Discouraging people from reaching their porn-free goals. No trying to go into another person's thread to discourage them.

6. Doxxing. This is posting people's personal information that may be used to identify them, such as names, locations, etc, without their express consent.

7. Content that violates United States laws. Examples includes inciting violence, posting threats, directly encouraging prostitution, etc. We reserve the right to provide your information to law enforcement if we feel that it's necessary. Same applies for copyright and trademark laws. We don't allow the posting of pirated books or other copyrighted material, or content that violates organizations' intellectual property rights. If you believe that a post violates your intellectual property rights, get in touch with us and we'll look into it.

8. Trolls. If your main reason to be here is to troll our community or berate those in recovery, you'll be promptly "escorted to the exit." Same goes for troll accounts that sign-up just to stir up drama in the recovery community, such as to insult other recovery websites or personalities.

Note that we DO allow:

1. You to ask questions about our policies. Our contact information is in the footer menu of the website.

2. To criticize the existence of porn addiction or porn-related problems, as long as you aren't barging into another person's thread to do so. Cordial debate is permitted as long as you create your own thread and attack the arguments, not the people personally.

3. Linking to other websites that you find useful, as long as you don't do so excessively, aren't affiliated with the owners, or directed to advertise on their behalf.

Thank you in advance for following our policies and hopefully understanding why they need to be in place. We hope that everybody has a great time here and finds the forum to be useful in their recoveries :)