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  1. Its over
    Its over
    30 days without PMO. Longest I’ve went in a while
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  2. scruffy
  3. Its over
    Its over
    Just MO for the first time in 22 days. Still haven’t PMO during that time. Definitely feel my willpower is stronger again
  4. 1MoreLookAway
    1MoreLookAway umbra
    Happy Birthday, I hope it's one you remained clean in, may you get what you need, sobriety and peace of mind.
  5. Salim
    I'm a new one here with you guys, I hope we could help each other to defeat this catastrophe
  6. Rengaw
    I come here from time to time, to find hope and courage and help others recover where I can.
  7. Rengaw
    I come here from time to time to reflect on my reboot and recovery.
  8. GuyTryingTxQuit_Pornz
  9. Mufasa
    Hi guys! Just joined this week on this forum. Really appreciate these stories. Allow me to post my story as well.
  10. sufficio
    "sufficio", I am enough. From "quo debeo agere, sufficio"; for what I have to do, I am enough
  11. fknabb0cunt
    fknabb0cunt auzzie_mikey
    G'day m8! Hope you're doing well. I miss you like you wouldn't believe c**t. You have no fucking idea. I hope you are killing it in your career. This addiction is the worst shit in the world. I think of you more than you know m8. I pray you are doing well. It has been a rough life so far man, but goddammit I'm still in the fucking game. And I'm not stopping anytime soon. It's fkin Zyzz brah!
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    2. auzzie_mikey
      Lol who's this? Is it toxic viper?
      May 3, 2023
  12. Toumas._
  13. FAWAZ
    A new start
  14. No_Fapper
    I thought I was alone... I'm grateful I found this forum
  15. Trata
    Trata jharb
    Hey man are you doing any better now?
  16. Trata
    Trata Mickeymouse
    Salam brother, I was wondering how are you doing now when it comes to your libido and erections? I am going through something similar rn. I would highly appreciate your answer.
  17. Trata
    Trata gooby
    After a bad breakup I have lost all my libido and morning erections and I kind of feel hopeless. I would really appreciate it if you could share your experience and what helped you heal and how does it feel. Did you also feel depressed And small when not having libido and morning wood. I need someone to help me out please
    1. gooby
      Hey man, sorry for the late reply. I did lose all my libido, erections and zest for life after this one. I was dealing with a succubus that really fucked me up for a few weeks. Things are now starting to improve, but it took a few weeks. I would suggest you go on hardcore nofap, get out on nature and let it run its course.
      Mar 14, 2023
  18. Trata
    Trata gooby
    Hey man, I am just checking if you’re doing any better. Have you managed to fix your libido and erections. I would really appreciate your answer. I am 21 and I am going through something similar.
  19. Anonymous Jack
    Anonymous Jack
    Round Two In Progress
  20. KarToN
    New guy. From Poland. God bless you all.