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  1. Henry+
    Moving on.
  2. Henry+
    Reset and move on.
  3. Kuhn
    I can hardly believe that I forgot how I felt without P. The world feels much more 'real'.
  4. Kuhn
    Counter: 9th day. I caught myself smiling for no reason today. usually i sigh. :)
  5. Henry+
    Hanging on and happy about it.
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  6. Abdullah Yusuf
    Abdullah Yusuf
    I'm a porn addict and I've been since 2016. I joined this forum hoping to get help.
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  7. diz
    diz BalthazarPL
    Have you thought about counselling my friend? The addiction is a symptom, not the cause, for how you feel.
  8. Kuhn
    I still want those 90 day bragging rights though. See you in three months
  9. Kuhn
    I just realised that using this site means subconsciously hoping that quitting porn will solve all problems. Thus I won't be here much.
  10. Henry+
    First time here in this forum. Looking for some support, which was probably has lacked before
    1. Kuhn
      you got it man!
      May 18, 2022
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  11. Henry+
    New start. Will I make it?
  12. Prakash meena
    Prakash meena
    Yha pe indian kon kon hai
  13. Prakash meena
  14. Filip Jezdic
    Filip Jezdic J.P.
    Hello sir, my name is Filip and i too have been told i have phosphaturia, i have also had the EXACT same experience as you regarding this condition, i was just wondering weather your doctors gave you any specific therapy or dietary restrictions for this. Thank you in advance.
  15. Bestrongnopmo
    I feel good this morning,thanks GOD.
  16. Bestrongnopmo
    Third weeks,i feel better.
  17. Bestrongnopmo
  18. WorseCaseScenarioEver
    I'm 56, w/m straight, viewed P since 1978(43yrs). The hole is too deep to climb out of by myself. Somebody save me from myself, PLEASE!
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    2. benjamin027
      You have to try Sir. If you really want to, you can do it. Cut all acccess to digital gadgets, among other things. Above all, know that porn thrives in secrecy. That's its fuel. Get a trust worthy accountability partner, divulge all your porn secrets and fantasies and commit to changing. You can turn your life around. It's all you, and above all, GOD almighty.
      Mar 1, 2022
  19. virtually_anybody
    Starting a new journey
  20. sharad
    Trying to recover from PMO