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  1. To Be Still
    To Be Still
    I want to be at peace. To be calm. To be still.
  2. anshulhim
  3. anshulhim
    I am on 9th day of nofap. Now I can make good eye contact and communication with others specially girls. Feeling energetic. Its working
  4. anshulhim
    Trying hard to quit pornography and masturbation addiction. And one day I will succeed.
  5. Deeshank
    Its tough but i won't give in
  6. AnonymousIndianNoFapper
    Is there a way to write long journals here? I am on day 1 and I want to share my day by day nofap journey here.
  7. Babylonier
    Sober at 23/06/2021. Give me the power to overcome everything. God bless
  8. Rudolf Geyse
    Rudolf Geyse
    I want this to be the one...
  9. zigga28
    Day 3 Lez go
  10. Trouble Afoot
    Trouble Afoot
    Fighting the good fight
  11. jaxson
    and it begins...
  12. Alessandro
    It can be done!
  13. James07
    Its been a long while; seeing my account have been in existence 7 years now !
  14. Mohomed
    Help me please.i cant,it's so hard.i m mentally felt.i lose my hope,fitness,memori power,character and more.i quits many times no fap.
    1. axebattler
      At least you're trying. That's a lot better than not trying at all!

      Remember that the main thing is to avoid porn. Of course, avoiding porn helps us to avoid fapping also.
      Mar 29, 2021
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  15. Mohomed
    I can't sleep
  16. Mohomed
    There is nothing left to lose
  17. Gettingbetter33
    Gettingbetter33 delightful
    Hey man, I found my old journal and saw you were on it and wanted to see how you were doing. Hope all is well and you are still making money and having a good time in Chicago.
  18. dark red drifter vessel
    dark red drifter vessel
    The lock is rusty, heavy, cold. The gate is high, and blades peer down from the walls next to it. I'm a thief, here to steal my own freedom.
  19. RuinedMyLife
    Visit for education on this addiction I call a pandemic. Pornography is taking a grip on our young ones with tech
  20. TheSicilianBull
    Completely disgusted with myself. Had 15 days hard mode no PMO. Just succumbed to answering mail first then chat, (P),. That led to M/O.