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  1. breath
    looking for psychotherapy or psychiatrist or partner for counselling re compulsive masturbation
    1. Ineedhope
      Hey dude I have the same problem I am trying to deal with.

      Although I am not a professional if you ever wonna talk I am here for you.
      Aug 12, 2020 at 3:48 AM
  2. catchingup
    I have a crazy fantasy...reach 100 days of NoFap *_*
  3. TheNightfly
    It’s day to day but I want to see the sun and breathe the fresh air.
  4. Joost
    Off the hook.
  5. mandiz
    Leave me alont
  6. WillGiveMore
    A few slip ups getting started.
  7. dark red drifter vessel
    dark red drifter vessel
    we came for a visit. we learned later we were to stay forever. hilarity ensued.
    1. axebattler
  8. Grey1717
    Got locked out of my account and used that as an excuse to let bad habits run rampant. Hope to get some self control over porn again.
  9. Marksman
    Starting yet again.
  10. JB06
    Here to reboot & commit to recovery
  11. stinkerdinker25
    Back on the site, it's been a while but I'm ready to recommit to my recovery, good to see y'all again.
  12. Joe Makuza
    Joe Makuza
    I want to help men reach their full potential
  13. Rengaw
    I come in now and then to share some personal news and share some advise
  14. Purity Power
    Purity Power
    NO 5G, NO VACCINE !!!
  15. Stubborn
    A fresh commitment after a few bad years.
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  16. xmanss
    Stronger, Wider, Self-Respect, Help others!
  17. Grey1717
    Just starting out, all tips welcome.
  18. Saq
    On a journey....................
  19. Pedro Delgado
    Pedro Delgado
    I help men to solve their sexual dysfunctions and improve their sexual life without feeling useless.
  20. TheStudy
    TheStudy YourBrainRebalanced
    Hi, i search participants for a study. I want to research the effects of a three week long abstinence of porn and masturbation. Can i search participants on this forum? This would be really nice. If you could help me with getting participants would be really really awesome.
    Have a good one