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  1. NightGoodMorningWood
    The value of a person can only be determined by the amount of adversity he endures.
  2. axebattler
    Keeping it clean in 2020
  3. Mariner
    Time to work harder than ever this year. Addiction must be conquered, there is no exception.
  4. Mickeymouse
    Mickeymouse tushar70001
    Hey Tushar mate how are you doing. I M not even 22 and feel that my life is incomplete. When I wake up I have chest pains and shoulder pains. Will it ever improve? How long have you been without masturbation?
  5. misterclean_co
    I decided take this challenge! 90 days clean.
  6. Viceless
    Let's do this.
  7. Samuel Sword
    Samuel Sword
    The question "Who am I?" is flawed. Nothing in this world is static, everything is evolving. The real question is "Who am I becoming?"
  8. Samuel Sword
    Samuel Sword
    It does not matter what is true, only what you believe is true. because with work, that will become true.
  9. axebattler
    P spammers keep posting on this forum. Can this be stopped? I report them when I see them but it seems never ending
    1. axebattler
      The situation seems to have improved a lot, thankfully.
      Dec 21, 2019
  10. peelfresh
    I can give advice. But unable to practice it in myself. I'm a human, like you and everybody else too
  11. stinkerdinker25
    Back on the horse after binging five days ago, coming at this with fresh eyes and a new perspective, looking forward to a year of no PMO
  12. Caleb22
    New here. Can find everything BUT info on what and how to reboot. Where the heck is it
  13. J.D
    10 hours porn free. (Second Attempt)
  14. MarstonS (take two)
    MarstonS (take two)
    Pick up your suffering and bear it. And try to be a better person so you can stand up solidly and people can rely on you!
  15. sihe_200
    I'm new here. I am currently on Day 4. Hard mode. Let's do this.
  16. chopper
    Keep on going! 90 days is not a target. No more pmo ! Ever!
  17. occams_razor
    Won't be around for a while.
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    2. benjamin027
      Make sure to work on yourself in the time being.
      Oct 6, 2019
    3. -Luke-
      "a while" is over, my friend. ;)
      Nov 23, 2019
  18. maddy
    Here to seek advice to uproot this PMO addiction.
  19. MissingSelfCompassion
  20. BrainSpirit
    On the wagon