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  1. hopeful1980
  2. Addictcomfortclutc
    21 y/o. Trying to break from my addiction. It’s plaguing my life and has been for quite some time.
  3. Aussie2
    Aussie2 Metal
    Hey man,long time...would love to catch up with you.
  4. Aussie2
    Aussie2 TheUnderdog
    Hey UD! im back - would love to catch up with you were my rock back in the day,hope all is well with you my friend.
  5. Aussie2
    Aussie2 gameover
    Hey mate,im back for round 2,hows things?
  6. Get ‘er Done
    Get ‘er Done
    Tired of this. Let the rebalancing begin.
  7. Fapstronomics
    Fapstronomics Newme18
    hey dude, im dealing with the same situation bro. I hope you can reach out to me, i really need some help because this shame and guilt has made me isolate myself. I hope your still active on here dude.
  8. Fapstronomics
    Fapstronomics patrep12345
    hey, i was wondering if your still active on this account. I too am dealing with hooking up with a ts escort. I hope everything is fine and how is it dealing with the guilt because thats whats bothering me. Let me know
  9. Fapstronomics
    Fapstronomics lookingforhelp131
    hey dude, im struggling with the shame of hooking up with a trans escort. How are you doing, is it bothering you in any way or has the shame and guilt gone. I really need advice. I hope your still active on this account.
  10. Fapstronomics
    Fapstronomics Mard dog
    hey dude, i too am struggling with the shame of hooking up with a ts escort. im 23 years old at the moment. I hope your active on this account, i could really use some advise on how your handling it. Thanks again
  11. Fapstronomics
    Fapstronomics Whatodo
    hey bro, im dealing with your same situation. I hope your still using this account because I feel like i ruined my life and I was wondering how things were going with you.
  12. NewStart19
    He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.
  13. Asics
    In a repeated cycle of change and lapse
  14. hardmode_player
    Goal: Rebalanced Brain
  15. Johhny Bravo
    Johhny Bravo
    A man is one who commits to something. Not half-in, half-out. You must study this repetitively if you wish to complete the No Fap challenge.
  16. Subterraneon
    Only up from here
  17. Gil79
    Motivation is back to take care of myself, beat my addiction and live the life I want!
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    2. Living
      Awesome to hear!
      Jul 29, 2019
  18. Balu94
    Journey begins again after three failed attempts. 23-07-2019
  19. YourBrainRebalanced
  20. YourBrainRebalanced
    Hope that everyone is doing well :)
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