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  1. Universal
    Universal Foxhunter
    Hey man, if you ever see this message shoot me a pm. Cheers
  2. NewHorizon
  3. Johhny Bravo
    Johhny Bravo
    Goodbye! (Train departs in a few days)
  4. Johhny Bravo
    Johhny Bravo
    Purpose of life is to flow the life energy fast, for no purpose.
  5. patrep12345
    patrep12345 TheUnderdog
    Hey underdog you seem like someone who could help my situation is this where I could talk to you? I been very depressed past week, was hoping you could provide light to my situation. I will tell you my story after you reply. Thanks.
  6. doanl
    man it hurts
  7. Johhny Bravo
    Johhny Bravo
    Look in her eyes. Say with your being, "You are mine"
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  8. Manorwhot
  9. Mekkeren
    Procrastination is Mastrubation
  10. Mopal
    Life rewards action!
  11. FUBB
    Keep in mind the acronym: HALT. We are vulnerable when we’re (H)ungry; (A)ngry; (L)onely; (T)ired.
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  12. GreenSwampMan
    Ah shit, here we go again.
  13. Johhny Bravo
    Johhny Bravo
    USE your sexual power.
  14. Mopal
  15. therealslimshady
  16. Johhny Bravo
    Johhny Bravo
    Respect yourself.
  17. stinkerdinker25
    Broke my record! Forty two days, not a lot of some of you, but it's a hell of an accomplishment for me, I'm happy, keeping my eyes peeled.
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    2. Living
      Awesome! Congratulations
      May 22, 2019
  18. stinkerdinker25
    Tomorrow I break my record, off to bed, a new man arises the next day, day 42 baby! On to day 90 from here on out, no relapses!
  19. stinkerdinker25
    Happy Monday y'all, another day in the books, only six more and I break my record, good luck on your journeys, peace.
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  20. stinkerdinker25
    Just finished my post, hoping it satisfies the standards, no advertising this time, made that mistake last time. Peace and good will, later