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  1. closethosetabs97
    It gets challenging during recovery for me because I spend most of my time alone . There’s no one to confide or keep me busy.
  2. closethosetabs97
    This blogs is new to me I have considered myself a porn addict. During this road to recovery I get lazy recording my days. Any Advice?
  3. Jonson Paul
    Jonson Paul
  4. TicoFap
    What’s up!?
  5. sougata mukherjee
    sougata mukherjee
    seek advice as to quitting porn addiction
  6. Climber
    Back after a long time away.
  7. NewHorizon
    No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven before its roots reach down to hell
  8. YBR-Admin
    How's January going for everyone?
  9. Arthur Novikov
    Arthur Novikov
    Hi, I'm Arthur, I want to win the old self. It will be very difficult for me... SO LET'S DO THIS!
  10. YBR-Admin
    What would people like to see to improve the site?
  11. YBR-Admin
    Hope everyone is off to a great 2019!
  12. Kevin Nobles
    Kevin Nobles
    Always there to Learn
  13. Rengaw
    I am moving to RebootNation
  14. Bob Fisher
    Bob Fisher
    So tired of trying. What's the use
  15. Mik3y
    Feeling Hopeless.
  16. Mantasx1
    I'm a porn addict.
  17. pltnjp
    Trying to find a way out of fantasising.
  18. anewme
    anewme vivek920907
    It gets better. I don't think it ever gets easy though. Just get through that first week. Focus on how you feel when you start and how you feel when you start to make progress. Focus on getting more of that good feeling about yourself.
  19. Gadsie
    Gadsie Mr Know It All
    Are you the author of thetruthaboutperversions?
  20. Mawex
    Leave it if you can't take it.