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  1. YBR-Admin
    What would people like to see to improve the site?
  2. YBR-Admin
    Hope everyone is off to a great 2019!
  3. Kevin Nobles
    Kevin Nobles
    Always there to Learn
  4. Rengaw
    I am moving to RebootNation
  5. Bob Fisher
    Bob Fisher
    So tired of trying. What's the use
  6. Mik3y
    Feeling Hopeless.
  7. Mantasx1
    I'm a porn addict.
  8. pltnjp
    Trying to find a way out of fantasising.
  9. anewme
    anewme vivek920907
    It gets better. I don't think it ever gets easy though. Just get through that first week. Focus on how you feel when you start and how you feel when you start to make progress. Focus on getting more of that good feeling about yourself.
  10. Gadsie
    Gadsie Mr Know It All
    Are you the author of thetruthaboutperversions?
  11. Mawex
    Leave it if you can't take it.
  12. Mawex
    Leave it if you can't take it.
  13. Salehabbas
    Always Keep up
  14. Jethro
    Hi,my name is Jethro,I'm 63years old. I'm glad to be here as I really need help.Thanks guys.
  15. NeglegentiaCulpaEst
    Severely addicted for 12 years. My brain cognitive functions (esp. memory) are the biggest victim of PMO.
  16. seattle
    seattle auzzie_mikey
    Hey auzzie_mikey, I read an old post of yours where you said that just being aroused (after going on Tinder), which led to some precum, was enough to bring on negative symptoms for you.

    My question: do you still experience the same symptoms after arousal/pre-cum? Hopefully things are better now?

  17. vivek920907
    hey i am currently suffering from addiction anyone help me
  18. FUBB
    FUBB RebornAgain
    You seem to be an active staff member. Please explain when the status of a new member changes? I have been a member here since 17 September 2017 and I have made several posts.
  19. Superunknown
  20. Gavalar09
    Gavalar09 Superunknown
    Hey mate,

    Have you seen any improvements?